From the President
In 2018, The Morton Arboretum advanced the cause of trees through impacts in science and conservation, education, and plant collections. I invite you to explore this Perennial Report, which reviews a year of discovery and accomplishment. Here you will find a video of the year's highlights, a financial summary, and a listing of donors who generously supported the Arboretum's mission to plant and protect trees for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.

The Arboretum's work as The Champion of Trees is made possible through the generous contributions of Arboretum trustees, donors, members, and visitors. Thank you for your continued support!

With appreciation,
Gerard T. Donnelly Signature
Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD
President and CEO


Board of Trustees

*As of December 31, 2018


  • Christopher B. Burke, Chair
    Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
  • Mary L. Burke, Vice Chair
    Lakeshore Food Advisors
  • Stephen C. Van Arsdell, Treasurer
    Retired Senior Partner
    Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Robert L. Fealy, Secretary
    Founding Managing Director
    Limerick Advisors


  • Anna Caroline Ball
    President and CEO
    Ball Horticultural Company
  • Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
    CEO and Chairman
    The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company (Bartlett Tree Experts)
  • Walter W. Becky II
    Retired President
    Morton Salt Group
  • Barbara J. Bradford
    A. Marek Fine Jewelry
    Restonic Mattress Company
  • Trisha L. Conley
    Vice President, Human Resources
    BP Products North America, Inc.
  • Keith Crandell
    Founder and Managing Director
    ARCH Venture Partners LP
  • Stephen L. Davis
    The Will Group
  • E. James Dondlinger
    Past President
    Auto Truck Group
  • Dayle M. Gillett
    Inland Real Estate Group
  • Matt Harris
    Arbor Day Foundation
  • Troy D. Hammond
    North Central College
  • K’Lynne Johnson
    Former CEO
    Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
  • Kenneth Koranda
    Retired President
    MidAmerica Bank
  • Amy Louis
    Civic Leader
  • Charles P. McQuaid
    Personal Investor,
    Co-founder and former President
    Columbia Wanger Asset Management LLC
  • Madhavan Nayar
    President and Owner
    E-Prairie, LLC
  • Robert J. Schillerstrom
    Ice Miller LLP

Life Trustees

  • Elisabeth G. Bacon
  • Stephen W. Baird
  • Natalie Culley
  • James F. Dickerson
  • Ann Grube
  • Darrell B. Jackson
  • Henry B. Pearsall


Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD
The Morton Arboretum

Board of Advisors

  • Jim Parsons, Chair
    The Brinson Foundation
  • Mark Adams
    Managing Director
    Devbridge Group
  • George Berry IV
    TC Industries
  • Sue Buchanan
    Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    Sasser Family Holdings, Inc.
  • Michael Bushman
    Retired Vice President of Global Policy and Communications
  • Fernando Ereneta
    Legacy Wealth Advisors
  • Kevin Garrido
    Vice President, Nuclear Finance and CFO, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group
  • Thomas Gleitsman
    Exron Capital, Inc.
  • Ted Haffner
    Landscape Architect
  • Tim Hermann
    President, Storage and Fuels
    Southern Company Gas
  • Christian Herrmann
    Chief Executive Officer
    Morton Salt, Inc.
  • Scott Jamieson
    Vice President and Midwest Division Manager
    Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Andrew Johnson
    Executive Vice President, Principal
    Captive Resources, LLC
  • Mitchell Jones
    Manager, Tariffs and Regulatory,
    US Pipelines & Logistics
  • Connie Keller
    Civic Leader
  • Kenneth Koranda*
    Retired President
    MidAmerica Bank
  • Karen Kurek
  • Richard Pehlke
    Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Heidrick & Struggles
  • Bob Reiland
    Retired VP & General Counsel
    SAC Wireless, LLC, A Nokia Company
  • James B. Smith
    Director, MLWM Market Executive
    Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Corporation
  • Michael L. Vaccarella
    Managing Director, Private Equity & Transaction Advisory Services
    Wipfli, LLP
  • Nancy Hamill Winter
    Civic Leader
  • Kathleen Yosko
    Former President and CEO
    Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital


Dinner Party Host Committee

  • Darcy and Mark Adams
  • Anna Caroline Ball*
  • Sterling and Zech Decker
  • Susan and Christopher* Burke
  • Rose and Bob* Fealy
  • Donna La Pietra and Bill Kurtis
  • Amy* and Steve Louis
  • Elizabeth and Steve* Van Arsdell
  • Oriana and Adam Van Someren


  • Ken Koranda,* Chair
  • Darcy Adams
  • Mary Ann Anderson
  • Susan Beard
  • Sandy Becky
  • Walter Becky*
  • Candy Cleveland
  • Marianne Dennis
  • Mary Dickerson
  • Catherine Donovan
  • Megan Elberts
  • Victoria Klimkiewicz
  • John Koranda
  • Bernie Mack
  • Janice Mack
  • Mary Ellyn Madden

  • Stephen Mares
  • Jeanne Osgood
  • Ann Reiland
  • Janice Sommer
  • Amy Westerhold
  • Susan Zurcher

Asterisk (*) indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Individual Donors

As a private, nonprofit organization, The Morton Arboretum
is grateful to all those who supported our mission through generous
philanthropic contributions in 2018. Thank you, tree champions!

$25,000 AND ABOVE

  • Anna Caroline Ball*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II
  • Mr. and Mrs.* John Conley
  • Rose and Bob* Fealy
  • Ms. Margaret Madden
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles* P. McQuaid
  • Ms. Janice E. Milano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Madhavan* Nayar
  • Irma Parker
  • Sherry Reum
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen* C. Van Arsdell

$10,000 – $24,999

  • Anonymous (9)
  • Stephen* and Susan Baird
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert* A. Bartlett, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauer
  • Susan and Ken Beard
  • Mr. and Mrs. George A. Berry IV
  • James and Cynthia Bowhay
  • Mrs. Barbara Bradford* and Mr. Robert L. Sherman
  • The Buchanan Family Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke
  • Ms. Mary L. Burke*
  • Susan E. Davis and Keith Crandell*
  • The Dick Family Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. E. Jim* Dondlinger
  • Mary M. Forester
  • John and Bernice Gardner
  • Marion H. Giles
  • Ms. Dayle Gillett*
  • Ms. Barbara Jean Gore
  • Ann* and John Grube
  • Julian Family Foundation
  • Connie and Dennis Keller
  • Kenneth* and Susan Koranda
  • Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel and John H. Krehbiel, Jr.
  • Posy Krehbiel
  • Amy* and Steve Louis
  • Louellen and Tim Murray
  • Andrew L. and Jeanne Pagorek
  • Jane and Henry* Pearsall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Renwick
  • Al and June Rogers
  • Albert J. and Susan E. Rot Foundation
  • Lee S. Selander
  • Martin and Catherine Slark
  • TnT Family Foundation
  • Nancy Hamill Winter

$5,000 – $9,999

  • Anonymous (4)
  • Fred and Kathleen Bauters
  • Robert F. Berry Charitable Trust
  • The Birck Family Fund
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jurate Bucha
  • Ginny Cook
  • Marianne and Harry Dennis
  • Mr. and Mrs. James F. Doyle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Fellows
    • David R. Fraser
    • Lynne S. Friedlander and Jay C. Crawford
    • David and Maggie Gibson
    • Martin and Patricia Jahn
    • Ms. Kit Keane and Mr. Duncan M. Alexander
    • Mr. John Meyer and Ms. Catherine Meyer
    • J. David and Sally Field Mullan
    • Espie and Don Nelson
    • Robert Schillerstrom* and Mary Beth O'Connor
    • Connie R. Sprovieri
    • Stephen Szymanski
    • Peg Wieser and Nadine Roy
    • Mary A. Zell

    $2,500 – $4,999

    • Anonymous (4)
    • Mark and Darcy Adams
    • William and Sally Barnard
    • h & r bear
    • Nancy L. Bernhardt
    • Moira and Howard Buhse
    • John F. Cavanaugh
    • Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Cleveland
    • The Robert and Patti Cooper Charitable Gift Fund
    • James and Pamela Crouthamel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II
    • Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    • Elaine J. Gross
    • Mirja and Ted Haffner
    • Jerry^ and Dagmar Harper
    • Carl and Shay Jacobson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jans
    • Dale and Davida Kalina
    • Mr. Thomas J. Kelleher
    • Barbara C. Knierim
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kozurek
    • Mr. Brent Kuhn
    • Susan and Richard Lamb
    • Gary and Maureen Lichtenheld
    • Mary Ellyn Madden
    • Lynn McHugh and Family
    • The McWethy Foundation
    • Drs. Anthony J. and Dietra D. Millard
    • Mr. Ramon Nayar
    • Mr. Thomas Noel and Mr. John Noel
    • Ashley and Geoffrey Palmer
    • The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation
    • Suzy and Bob Peters
    • Q & D Podraza
    • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rader
    • Nancy and Warren Rasmussen
    • Ann and Bob Reiland
    • Robert E. Reininga
    • Fred Schnitzius and Marilyn Kujawa
    • Mr. Bruce Schreider and Ms. Sandra Berger
    • Steve and Megan Shebik
    • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith II
    • Ms. Janice Sommer
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Sternickle
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis
    • Tad and Phoebe Turner
    • Tom Tyler and Chris Bobowski
    • Nancy D. Wayman
    • Elizabeth Werth
    • Philip C. Wiederhold

    $1,500 – $2,499

    • Anonymous (10)
    • Mr. George Adamopoulos
    • The Allyn Foundation
    • Robert W. Ammann
    • Stephen F. and Mary Ann Anderson
    • Tom Anderson
    • Cushman and Pamela Andrews
    • Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Antepenko
    • David and Suzanne Arch
    • Amanda and Jonathan Arnold
    • William B. and Denise S. Baikie
    • Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bartels
    • Ruth and Tom Bastian
    • Mr. Ralph A. Berg
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Berkshire, Sr.
    • Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky
    • Dr. and Mrs. John Bodine
    • Mark and Melissa Bradley and Family
    • Joan Bucha Nicholas and Richard Bucha
    • Sue and Brian Buchanan
    • Mr. David Budworth
    • Susan Burner
    • Mike and Cathy Bushman
    • Michael and Dorothy Carbon
    • Carol L. Chittenden
    • Jill and Bill Chittenden
    • Bill and Mary Sue Coates
    • Ms. Nancy Cox
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Coyne
    • Natalie Culley*
    • Mary Schemper Denny
    • Tom^ and Aggie Dentice
    • Ron and Joy Detmer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Luke Diana
    • Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson
    • Angelo and Kim DiGangi
    • Megan and Joseph Elberts
    • Ron and Judy Eshleman
    • Claudia F. Fabela
    • Ruth and James Fawley
    • Mary and Bruce Feay
    • Fischer Family Charitable Fund
    • Mr. Jeremy Ford and Mrs. Amy Ford
    • Anne and Ken Frantzen
    • Ms. Gail Fu
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaffigan
    • Mary Gibson
    • Mr. Howard Goldstein and Ms. Margaret McGrath
    • Jack and Robin Graham
    • Drs. Carl and Patricia Greer
    • Mr. Punj Gupta and Ms. Eesha Masrani
    • Mrs. Linda Hawes
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hein
    • Tim and Debra Hermann
    • Christian and Ruth Herrmann
    • Bob and Jane Hilb
    • Martha Hinchman
    • Carol and Jeff Holden
    • Darrell and Cheryl Holmes
    • Rose Jacobius
    • Robert O. Jacobs
    • Scott and Diane Jamieson
    • Ken and Julie Janoski
    • John and Liz Jenkins
    • Andy and Monica Johnson
    • William and Molly Kennedy
    • Mr. and Mrs. David W. King
    • Mrs. Victoria Klimkiewicz
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kress
    • Karen L. Kurek
    • Walter and Mary Langbein
    • Thomas and Elaine Layden
    • Gail A. Leslie
    • Celine and Mark Lillie
    • Harriet Lindstrom
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyon
    • Bernie and Janice Mack
    • Mr. Donald Mack
    • Andrea Majewski
    • Patti and Tim Malloy
    • Mr. and Mrs. Louis Manetti
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mares
    • Mary Ellen McArdle
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee
    • Dr. and Mrs. Zeyd Merenkov
    • Stephen and Lenore Micatka
    • Donnie P. Minyard and Lee B. Totzke
    • Judy and Gary Montgomery
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mulcahy
    • Frank and Jackie Murnane
    • Ms. Ella Neagu and Mr. Peter Stathakis
    • Mrs. Gayle Nordlof
    • John and Janis Notz
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Oleniczak
    • Mark and Jeanne Osgood
    • Dr. Margaret Otto
    • Sarah R. Packard
    • Roger and Barbara Yaney Palmer
    • James D. Parsons Gift Fund
    • Kris and John Petro
    • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Polese
    • Mrs. Natalie Brooks Powell
    • Honorable S. Louis Rathje and Dr. Maria Rosa Costanzo
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ravichandran
    • James and Laurie Renn
    • Mr. Mike Rich and Mrs. Donna Harris
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg
    • Carol Jean Rogalski, PhD
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romano
    • Dr. Ann Rondeau
    • Barbara E. Rose
    • Ms. Jacqueline Ryan and Ms. Bonnie Park
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sarovich
    • Ted and Dianne Saul
    • Mr. and Ms. Matthew Sawin
    • Melissa and Adam Schmitz
    • Kathy and Kevin Schulte
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Slater
    • Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Solomon
    • Kathleen and Andrew Spiess
    • Peggy and Nick Stanitz
    • Carl and Barbara Stanley 1997 Charitable Trust
    • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Steinmetz
    • Bob Stone and Pamela Nelson
    • Mr. Michael Szafranski
    • Louise I. Tausché
    • Deanna Taylor-Rodriguez and Francisco Rodriguez
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thome
    • Peter and Danielle Tomczak
    • Ms. Cindy Trennert-Lukens
    • Joan and Dave Trushin
    • Linn Ann and Mike Tyrrell
    • Adam and Oriana Van Someren
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaccarella
    • Bonnie R. Valiant
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Vianzon
    • Ms. Bonnie Vicha
    • Wendy and Greg Vichick
    • Gail and Darrell Voitik
    • Sue and Jeffrey Wagner
    • Wilma and Joe Wark
    • Amy and Joe Weidenbach
    • Amy and Morris Westerhold
    • Ms. Joni Williams
    • Kathleen C. Yosko
    • Mr. Tony J. Zalewski
    • Mr. James P. Zaluba
    • Mel Ziska
    Asterisk (*) indicates Trustee or Life Trustee ^Indicates Remembered

    Corporations, Foundations & Government

    The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the following
    corporations, foundations, and government partners that made
    financial contributions from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

    $100,000 and above

    • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

    $50,000 – $99,999

    • BP America Inc.
    • DuPage Medical Group
    • International Paper
    • Invesco QQQ
    • Molex Incorporated

    $25,000 – $49,999

    • A. Marek Fine Jewelry
    • Allstate Insurance Company
    • Ball Horticultural Company
    • Bank of America
    • Bartlett Tree Experts
    • Botanic Gardens Conservation International
    • The Brinson Foundation
    • ComEd, an Exelon Company
    • U.S. Bank

    $10,000 – $24,999

    • Anonymous (1)
    • Career Vision
    • Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.
    • Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
    • F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co.
    • Fernando S. Ereneta-Legacy Wealth Advisors-Raymond James Financial
    • Fondation Franklinia
    • Green Mountain Energy
    • Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
    • Illinois Arts Council Agency
    • The Inland Real Estate Group
    • Marquette Companies
    • Morton Salt, Inc.
    • Navistar
    • Nicor Gas
    • Plante Moran
    • Spraying Systems Co.

    $5,000 – $9,999

    • Anonymous (1)
    • Alfred Bersted Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee
    • Amsted Industries
    • Arboricultural Research and Education Academy
    • William J. Clancy Foundation
    • Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund
    • DiMeo Schneider & Associates
    • Ecolab
    • Featherstone Inc.
    • International Society of Arboriculture
    • McCormick Foundation
    • Rutgers University
    • Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
    • SunCoke Energy

    $2,500 – $4,999

    • Clif Bar & Company
    • Darwill, Inc.
    • The Davey Tree Expert Company/The Care of Trees
    • Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    • Mark Anthony Brands Inc.
    • Partners and Paws Veterinary Services
    • J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation
    • Sebert Landscaping
    • Sterling

    Arborvitae Society

    The Arborvitae Society recognizes individuals who
    have included the Arboretum in their estate plans.

    • Anonymous (19)
    • Ms. Debra Albers
    • Elisabeth* and John Bacon, Jr.
    • Anna Caroline Ball*
    • Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II
    • Ms. Celestia Boughner
    • Don and Mary Brown
    • Karen S. Brunke^
    • Mr. Daniel S. Bures
    • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke
    • Steven Canavis
    • Dorothy Carbon
    • Karla Christianson
    • Bill and Mary Sue Coates
    • Ginny Cook
    • Mr. David Coulter
    • Natalie Culley*
    • Dr. David W. Curd
    • Ms. Janice Deegan
    • Ron and Joy Detmer
    • Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson
    • Lynn A. Dieter and LaVora E. Singleton
    • O. Wesley Dodd
    • Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    • Carole and Peter Doris
    • Robert and Lori Everett
    • Bonnie G. Everhart
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Fairbanks
    • Mr. Carl B. Fausey
    • Curtis B. Frank
    • Lynne S. Friedlander
    • Robert M. and Mary B. Funke
    • Daniel and Charlotte Gallagher
    • Hendrica Ghali
    • Carol Giancola
    • Mr. Howard Goldstein and Mrs. Peggy McGrath
    • Mary Louise Gorno
    • Judy Grey
    • Ann* and John Grube
    • Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
    • John M. Hagstrom
    • Mrs. Anne Hall
    • Marilyn Halperin
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Hanley
    • Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hendrickson
    • Victor and Julie Hildebrand
    • Mrs. Gloria Hollister
    • Ms. Nancy A. Huck
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt
    • Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jones
    • Virginia H. Jones
    • Maritherese and Harry Kamer
    • Mrs. Victoria Klimkiewicz
    • Mr. Robert Kohnen
    • Janice Kramer
    • Dorothy Larsen
    • Ms. Phyllis Lauer
    • Mr. Eric Lee and Ms. Susan Langosch
    • Sandra Lee
    • Nancy Leonard
    • Bernie and Janice Mack
    • Patti and Tim Malloy
    • Mr. and Mrs. William McCoy
    • Cathy and Al Meo
    • Mrs. Rowena C. Montgomery
    • Bill and Nancy Moore
    • William and Bonnie Mucha
    • Olga Ruth Najacht^
    • Mrs. Augustine Neuert
    • Mr. Frank S. Orto
    • Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Ozinga
    • Andrew L. and Jeanne Pagorek
    • Irma Parker
    • Jane and Henry* Pearsall
    • Suzy and Bob Peters
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Prepejchal
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Pugh
    • Ginny and Don Raths
    • Ann and Bob Reiland
    • Kell and Barb Reimann
    • Sherry and Bob^* Reum
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rewerts
    • Carol Jean Rogalski, PhD
    • Al and June Rogers
    • Verie Sandborg
    • Fred and Maria Schaffer
    • Lee S. Selander
    • Mrs. Hilary C. Smith
    • Mr. Matthew D. Smith
    • Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Stout
    • Mr. Craig Summers
    • Ms. Sandra L. Swenson
    • Ms. Lori Trinche
    • Bonnie R. Valiant
    • Ms. Dee Van Leeuwen
    • Ms. Sharon M. West
    • Ms. Amy Whittle
    • Ms. Marilyn Whittle
    • Philip C. Wiederhold
    • Ms. Mary Glenn Wiley
    • Nancy Hamill Winter
    • Mary A. Zell
    • David R. Zurek^

    Asterisk (*) indicates Trustee or Life Trustee
    ^Indicates Remembered

    Growing Brilliantly Campaign

    The Morton Arboretum is grateful to the following individuals, corporations,
    and foundations for their support of the Growing Brilliantly campaign
    from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2018.

    • Anonymous (27)
    • Ms. April Adams
    • Mark and Darcy Adams
    • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Albertson
    • Ms. Linda J. Allison
    • Allstate Insurance Company
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Amenta
    • Mrs. Nancy Ames
    • Mr. James Andersen and Ms. Peggy Stillwell
    • Ms. Kathleen Anderson
    • Midge and Dan Anderson
    • Dr. and Mrs. Nicolas Anderson
    • Shanita Anderson
    • Mr. Truman Anderson and Ms. Elizabeth Parson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andryuk
    • Patty and Al Arend
    • Jonathan and Amanda Arnold
    • Ms. Juli Arvis and Mr. Adam Hendrix
    • Ms. Courtney Askar and Mr. Mohamed Askar
    • Ms. Christine Aument
    • Ms. Kaye B. Aurigemma
    • Dr. and Mrs. Halil Avci
    • Mr. Jeff Baccino
    • Kris and Colette Bachtell
    • Susan and Stephen* Baird
    • Anna Ball*
    • Stephen and Sheila Bangs
    • Leila Bannon
    • Mr. and Mrs. Emil Baranko
    • Diane Barrowman and David Trollope
    • Ms. Carole Bartell
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert* A. Bartlett, Jr.
    • Ms. Jennifer Basden and Mr. Steve Scheerer
    • Mr. Charles W. Baumann
    • Estate of Sally Baumgardner
    • Fred and Kathleen Bauters
    • Susan and Ken Beard
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dean Beaty
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Becker
    • Mr. Robert Becker and Ms. Karen Heller
    • Ms. Tammy Becker
    • Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bednar
    • Mrs. Sadie Belman
    • Mr. Clifford Bender
    • Mr. Richard Bennett and Ms. Mary Padley Bennett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bennett
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Bennin
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bergren
    • Ms. Sabrina Bermingham and Ms. Nikki Orvis
    • George and Margo Berry
    • Robert F. Berry Charitable Trust
    • Ms. Ellen Best and Mr. Christopher Zrazik
    • Mr. Roger J. Bialcik
    • Ms. G. C. Bien
    • Mr. Dan Bilardello and Ms. Barbara Bilardello
    • Andrea Billhardt
    • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Birkner
    • Barbara and George Birminghan
    • Mr. Robert Black and Ms. Laureen Hartman
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Blackburn
    • Mike and Kris Blackwell
    • Ms. Ann Blair
    • Michael and Shiao-Li Blazier
    • Ms. Kathy Blessent
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Boblick
    • Ms. Samia Boctor
    • John and Linda Bodine
    • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Boecker, Sr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Bogusch
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bolenbaugh
    • Ms. Marissa Bonamer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Book
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Bosch
    • Ms. Celestia Boughner
    • Ms. Karna Bouton
    • James and Cynthia Bowhay
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Boyle
    • Mr. and Mrs. Wilson N. Boyles III
    • Mr. and Mrs. Garry Bradley
    • Irene Brajner and Jennifer Ziobro
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Breen
    • Ms. Ann Bringardner
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brinkley
    • Jim and Brenda Brocato
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bronkhorst
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bronson
    • Ms. Lisa Bronson
    • Mr. David Brookhart and Ms. Christina Cahill
    • Don and Mary Brown
    • Mrs. Beth Brownson
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Bruce
    • Ms. Rosemary Bruckner
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Brune
    • Estate of Karen Brunke
    • Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Bryant
    • Sharon Buckley
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Buettner
    • Howard and Moira Buhse
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bulla
    • Christopher* and Susan Burke
    • Mary L. Burke*
    • Mr. and Mrs. C. Mark Burlingame
    • Cathy and Michael Bushman
    • Mr. Michael Busse and Ms. Mary Beth Glenn
    • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cahill
    • Mr. John Callaghan
    • Thomas and Susan Camasta
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Candeloro
    • Dr. Charles Cannon and Dr. Chai-Shian Kua
    • Mr. Roger Cantu and Ms. Virginia Cantu
    • Mrs. Lisa Capozzoli
    • Dorothy and Michael Carbon
    • Ms. Jacquie Carducci
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Carey
    • Ms. Marilyn J. Carle
    • Ms. Velaine Carnall
    • Estate of Cleve Carney
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carroll
    • Ms. Janine Carter
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter
    • Mr. and Mrs. M. Blouke Carus
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Cassey
    • Mrs. Linda Catalano
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Cavanaugh
    • John F. Cavanaugh
    • Nicole Cavender and Gary Moneysmith
    • Len and Susan Cecala
    • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Chapin
    • Ms. Catherine Chapman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cheff
    • Li-Ming Chen
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Chester
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Chiko
    • Brian and Kristin Chmiel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Srikanth Chowdary
    • Rosalie E. Cieply
    • Joe and Nancy Ciesiel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cizek
    • Ms. Eileen Clark
    • Kevin and Marge Cmunt
    • Bill and Mary Sue Coates
    • Mr. and Mrs. Don Cochrane
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cole
    • Ms. Kathie Collinson and Mr. Adam Collinson
    • Mr. Samuel Combs
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conrad
    • Mr. Michael Considine and Ms. JeanMarie Considine
    • Mr. and Mrs. Duane Converse
    • Erica Coppolino
    • Mrs. Angela Corbett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Coster
    • Charles Coughlin and Michelle Sherbun
    • Mr. and Mrs. Milton Cox
    • Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cox
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cozzo
    • Estella and Michael Cronk
    • James and Pamela Crouthamel
    • Ms. Judith Crowther and Mrs. Jennifer Crowther
    • Natalie Culley*
    • Ms. Linda Curran and Mr. James Flinn
    • Reverend Robin Currie and Mr. Robert Beeching
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Curtis
    • Mrs. Shere Czekala and Ms. Bayley Czekala
    • D & M
    • Gene and Connie Darfler
    • Susan E Davis and Keith* Crandell
    • Ms. Carolyn DeCesari and Ms. Alyssa Coburn
    • Janice Kijanowski Deegan and Thomas Deegan
    • Mr. and Mrs. William DeFotis
    • Ms. Brenda DeGeer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dehm
    • Mrs. Bonnie Del Preto
    • Mr. Tom DeKant and Ms. Karen Micatka
    • Harry and Marianne Dennis
    • W. Karin De Ocampo and Samantha Teeter
    • Ms. Carol DeSimone
    • Joy and Ron Detmer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Luke Diana
    • Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson
    • Lynn A. Dieter and LaVora E. Singleton
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Diewald
    • Mr. Mark Di Iorio
    • Mrs. Tricia Dimitropoulos and Ms. Lauren Durant
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Di Santo
    • Ms. Vicky Dobbs
    • O. Wes Dodd
    • Dr. Eileen Doherty and Mr. Greg Stanecki
    • Mrs. Barbara Doll
    • Mr. Harvey Dollars and Ms. Julie Mangum
    • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Donahue
    • Mr. A. Donatelli and Mrs. Meg Donatelli-Stein
    • Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
    • Carole and Peter Doris
    • Nancy and Dwight Dowdell
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Downey
    • The John Kevin Doyle Family
    • Kurt and Teresa Dreisilker
    • Estate of Mildred Drew
    • Ms. Dorothy Drueck and Mr. Fred Drueck
    • Mrs. Bonnie Duckett
    • Ms. Janice Dugan
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dumas
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Duncan
    • Mr. Dudley Dunham
    • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dyke
    • Ms. Joanne East
    • Dr. and Mrs. David Eblen
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Edmunds
    • Dr. and Mrs. Dean Eitel, PhD
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paulius Elvikis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Enger
    • Ms. Helen Ercegovac
    • Fernando and Margaret Ereneta
    • Mr. Robert Erickson and Ms. Stephanie Erickson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Esping
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Estes
    • Mr. Ken Evanchik
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Evans
    • Estate of Shirley M. Evans
    • Robert and Lori Everett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Miles Evers
    • Mrs. Virginia Evert
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Fagan
    • Ms. Susan Faber and Mr. Duane Hosimer
    • Ms. Joyce Fahs and Ms. Aimee Maas
    • Bill and Mary Jo Fairbanks
    • Jay and Dawn Fairbanks and Family
    • Ms. Marcela Fanning and Mr. Pat Fanning
    • Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Farnaus
    • Mr. and Mrs. John H. Faulhaber
    • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Faulk
    • Ruth and James Fawley
    • Rose and Bob* Fealy
    • Ms. Joy Fett
    • Mrs. Carol Fialkowski
    • Dr. Ruth Fiedler and Ms. Ellen Maxson
    • Mr. Jack Fiene and Ms. Joan Fiene
    • Estate of Lenore V. Filip
    • Ms. Nina Finch and Mr. Greg Finch
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fink
    • Anne and Mark Finn
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finnegan
    • Ms. Sharon Edel Finzer
    • Donna Fisher
    • Mrs. Theresa Fitzgerald and Ms. Laurine Fitzgerald
    • Ms. Patrice Flentge and Mrs. Jenna Nickel
    • Ms. Margaret Fletcher and Ms. Lesley Rosenberg
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Fluett
    • Mr. Jeremy Ford and Ms. Amy Ford
    • Mary M. Forester
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fortman
    • Ms. Jennifer Fortner and Ms. Melissa Herrick
    • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Foss
    • Mr. John Foster
    • Mrs. Mary L. Foster
    • Dr. and Mrs. Dean Francis
    • Ken and Joan Frank
    • Anne and Ken Frantzen
    • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Frantzen
    • Mr. William Franzen
    • David R. Fraser
    • Molly and Ryan Freed
    • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fried
    • Friedlander Family Fund
    • Robert M. and Mary B. Funke
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gabriel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gagala
    • Mrs. Sandy Gales
    • Daniel and Charlotte Gallagher
    • Mr. Tim Gamble and Mrs. Sally Wilson-Gamble
    • Jacqueline Gammons
    • John and Bernice Gardner
    • Ms. Arlene J. Gates
    • Ms. Lois Gauger
    • Mrs. Mary Miller Gausmann and Mr. Eric Gausmann
    • Mr. John Gearen and Ms. Maureen Shinners
    • Deborah Geary
    • Dr. and Mrs. Allen Gebala
    • Ms. Hillary Geller and Mr. Chris Kennedy
    • Megan M. Gensler
    • Mrs. Rose Conrad Geppert
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gergolla
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geyer
    • Ms. Brenda Giacalone and Mr. Jeff Woodrum
    • Dr. Stephen Gieser and Dr. Ruth Williams
    • Ms. Mary Ellen Giffels
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gifford
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert
    • Mr. Dirk Giseburt and Mr. Marilyn Stahl
    • Mr. Hugh J. Glenn
    • Mr. Howard Goldstein and Mrs. Peggy McGrath
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goltermann
    • Mrs. Leandra Gonzalez and Mr. Andrew Labon
    • David E. Good
    • Jennifer and Ken GoodSmith
    • Ms. Elizabeth P. Gordon
    • Ms. Barbara Jean Gore
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gorski
    • Mrs. Cathy Gorski
    • Mr. Michael Goss and Ms. Zoe Goss
    • Mary J. Gower
    • Dr. Sally Gradle and Mr. William Gradle
    • Ms. Rita Gravel
    • Estate of Helen Gray
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grecco
    • Richard K. Green
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greenen
    • Mrs. Kathleen Greulich and Ms. Stephanie Essex
    • Judy Grey
    • Catherine A. Griffin
    • Phillip and Roseann Griffin
    • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Grizzell
    • Elaine J. Gross
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Grossweiner
    • Ms. Linda Grothendick
    • Ann and John Grube
    • Mr. Gary Gunderson
    • Ms. Mary Lynn Guy and Ms. June Miller
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haa
    • Daniel P. Haerther Fund for Development of Trees for the Urban Environment
    • Mrs. Anne C. Haffner^
    • Mirja and Ted Haffner
    • John M. Hagstrom
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hall
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Hallenbeck
    • Hamill Family Foundation
    • Mr. Peter Handy
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanson
    • Mrs. Kate Harder
    • Mr. Robert Harlem and Ms. Pamela Morgan
    • Ms. Susan M. Harrigan
    • Mrs. Ann Harris and Ms. Lisa Harris
    • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Hartley
    • Ms. Janet Hayes
    • Ms. Mary Hayes
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Hayes
    • Dr. James Heckman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Heim
    • Mrs. Corinne J. Hein
    • Mrs. Mary Heineman
    • Ms. Patti Heisler and Mr. Joe DeVivo
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Helledy
    • Rich and Betty Hemmeter
    • Dr. Sara Jane Hendren and Mr. Bradley Hendren
    • Lloyd and Carol Hendrickson
    • Mrs. Elizabeth Henkelman
    • Marti^ and Chuck Henning
    • Cathy Henry
    • Mrs. Mary Kate Hermann
    • Mr. Lance Herning and Mrs. Nancy Redmond
    • Estate of David and Betty Hess
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Hiner
    • Ms. Eloise Hirschey
    • Ms. Ann Hobel and Mrs. Estelle Hobel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman
    • Ms. Jo Hoffmann
    • Mrs. Kathleen Hokenson and Mr. Rick Hokenson
    • Ms. Linda Holderman and Mr. Herbert Holderman
    • Craig J. Holderness
    • Ms. Mary Jo Holekamp and Mr. Jay Holekamp
    • Mrs. Eleanor T. Holt
    • Dr. Geraldine M. Holub, PhD
    • In Memory of Fred and Virginia Hookham
    • Dr. Judith Hopkins
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Horist
    • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Houcek
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Houck
    • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Howe
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jong-Yee Huang
    • Ms. Carol Hugh
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes
    • Mr. Harold Hurwitz and Ms. Bette Barkdoll
    • Estate of Florence H. Hybl
    • Mrs. Gayla Hylland
    • Mrs. Marissa Iles
    • The Inland Real Estate Group
    • Mrs. Katie Ivey
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jablonski
    • Darrell B. Jackson* and Valencia M. Ray, M.D.
    • Susan L.B. Jacobson
    • Mr. Charles Jakubowski
    • Ms. Virgina Jamieson and Ms. Rebecca Jamieson
    • Susan and Robert Janik
    • Mr. Richard C. Janzow
    • Karin and Jerry Jaros
    • Michael and Patricia Jarrell
    • Rajeev and Heather Jashnani
    • Mr. Srivatsan Jayaramasundaram and Mrs. Preeti Kulkarni
    • Ms. Jean Jederman
    • Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jensen
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jensen
    • Ms. Mary Jensik
    • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Johnson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson
    • Ms. Cathy Johnson and Ms. Maryrose George
    • Charlotte F. Johnson
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Donald E Johnson
    • Mr. Lawrence Jones and Ms. Marisol Vega-Jones
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Jones
    • Susan Jones
    • Mr. and Ms. Don Judson
    • Julian Family Foundation
    • Mr. Marcin Jungiewicz and Mrs. Carolina Carmona
    • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Junis
    • Ms. Danute Juras
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jurkowski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kacic
    • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kaefer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kamarauskas
    • Laura and David Kamedulski
    • Harry F. and Maritherese M. Kamer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kammes
    • Mr. Christopher Kardaras and Ms. Cynthia Brock
    • Mr. Demetrius Karos and Ms. Valerie Cordes
    • Ms. Susan S. Kasprowicz
    • Mrs. Jurgita Kavaliauskas and Mr. Marius Rimkevicius
    • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kearney
    • Mr. and Mrs. Sean Keighron
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kell
    • Connie and Dennis Keller
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly
    • Ms. Mallory Kelly
    • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly
    • Ms. Mary Kick
    • Dr. Ku-mie Kim
    • Mr. and Mrs. Peter King
    • Ms. Jennifer Kinser and Ms. Laura Kinser
    • Dr. Ronald Kipnis
    • Mrs. Martha S. Kirsch
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klaas
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Kleb
    • Ms. Rita A. Kenning
    • Mrs. Jane Klimcke
    • Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Klyce
    • Mr. Tomasz Klymiuk and Ms. Dana Dombroski
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Knight
    • L & V Knudsen Trust
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Knuth
    • Robert and Sharon Kohnen
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kolar
    • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Kolar
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kolasa
    • Lesley Kolaya
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koller
    • Mr. George Kontos and Mrs. Bess Kontos
    • Kenneth* and Susan Koranda
    • Ms. Alene Korby
    • Jill Koski and David Ferguson
    • Ms. Sarah Kozlowski
    • Mr. Joseph Kozminski and Ms. Kathleen Rowland
    • Linda Kraft
    • Mrs. Patricia Kreibich
    • Ms. Sara Kroeger and Mrs. Mel Brown
    • Mr. and Mrs. Josh Krogull
    • Joseph M. Krol
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krol
    • Ms. Marianne Krupey
    • Mrs. Mary Jane L. Krutt
    • Mr. Mike Kunowski
    • Mrs. A. Kurczewski
    • Karen L. Kurek
    • Ms. Diane Kurzweil
    • Ms. Gale Lacina
    • Ms. Marilyn Ladone
    • Ms. Pamela LaMantia and Mr. Dave Petrulis
    • Susan and Richard Lamb
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lambesis
    • Gary Lamm and Mary Shellenberg
    • Mrs. Carolyn A. Landwehr
    • Mr. David Lane and Ms. Patricia Rayburn
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lane
    • Mr. Dick Lanser
    • Mr. and Mrs. John J. Larkin
    • Ms. Joanne Larsen
    • Beverly J. Lashus
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Lauder
    • Ms. Janet Lawrence and Mr. Mark Lawrence
    • Mr. Eric Lee and Ms. Susan Langosch
    • Mr. Peter Lee and Ms. Jieun Roh
    • Mr. and Mrs. Tsung-Shung Lee
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Leeseberg
    • Eileen and Paul LeFort
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leganski
    • Michael and Margaret Legel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lehman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Byron Leonard
    • Dr. Richard Leonard
    • Gail A. Leslie
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lesniewski
    • Lane & Johanna Lewis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lewis
    • Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lewis
    • Mr. Zhijiang Li and Mrs. Hongwei Zou
    • Celia Y Liang
    • Mr. Jianwen Liao and Mrs. Chengmei Tian
    • Mr. Michael Licitra
    • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Lid
    • Mrs. Kathleen Limp
    • Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lindstrom
    • Tom and Susan Lingris
    • Pete Linsner
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lipinski
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Liston
    • Mr. Wayne Liu
    • Matthew Lobdell
    • Ms. Lynn Lockett and Mr. Bill Lockett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Loffelmann
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jon Loo
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Loots
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Lorenz
    • Ms. Betty Lorenzen
    • E-Ling Lou and Mac Yoshida
    • Amy* and Steve Louis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lovik
    • Mr. James Lowe and Mr. Alan Lowe
    • Mr. Stephen Luckett and Ms. Michele Luckett
    • Ms. Lucille Lugowski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lukavsky
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Luurs
    • Mrs. Susan K. Lyons
    • Bernie and Janice Mack
    • Ms. Amanda MacKenzie and Ms. Rebecca MacKenzie
    • Mary Ellyn Madden
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maffei
    • Ms. Patricia Maier
    • Mrs. Margo Makstenieks
    • Ms. Kathleen M. Mallen
    • Patti and Tim Malloy
    • Patte J. Maneese
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Manzi
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert March
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Marino
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Markunas
    • Joan Ellen Martin Declaration of Trust
    • Margaret Martin
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jose Martinez
    • Ms. Linda Masilotti and Mr. Tom Jackson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Don Matheny
    • Geri Matiasek
    • Mrs. Linda Matonich
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Mauer
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Maurer
    • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mauro
    • Mrs. Nancy Chadbourne Maze
    • Ken McAfee
    • Mrs. Linda McCabe
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McCormack
    • Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Family Foundation
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCoy
    • Susan McCoy^
    • Mr. and Mrs. David McCurdy
    • Ms. Rose McGarry
    • Mr. and Mrs. John McHale
    • Mr. and Ms. Paul McKay
    • Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKibben
    • Mr. Dennis G. McLaughlin
    • Ms. Judy McLaughlin
    • Ms. Karen McMillin and Ms. Emily Gage
    • Ms. Holly McNulty
    • Ms. Lois McPartlin and Ms. Sarah Majka
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles* P. McQuaid
    • Mr. and Mrs. Alan McQuiston
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Meagher
    • Helen R. Mehler
    • Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Mejias, Jr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Melby
    • Rachel & Jack Melim
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Melnick
    • Mr. David Melsbakas and Mrs. Robin Amstutz
    • Mrs. Patrice Mendala-Zitt and Mr. Andrew Zitt
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Messer
    • Mr. John Meyer and Ms. Catherine Meyer
    • Mr. Francis Mies
    • Drs. Anthony J. and Dietra D. Millard
    • Ms. Ann E. Miller
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Miller Jr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Miller
    • Jean and Jud Miner
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miner
    • Ms. Catherine Misniak
    • Jay Mitchell and Julie Federico
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Montella
    • Judy and Gary Montgomery
    • Ms. Rowena C. Montgomery
    • Ms. Elizabeth Mool and Mr. Jon Mool
    • Mr. and Mrs. Venkata Moparthi
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Morell
    • Mr. Neil Morgan and Ms. Laura Morgan
    • Mrs. Megan Morrison
    • Morton Salt, Inc.
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Mucci
    • J. David and Sally Field Mullan
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mulrow
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Munch
    • Frank and Jackie Murnane
    • Ms. Adrienne Murphy
    • Angelique Murphy
    • Ms. Kathleen Murphy
    • Dr. Yvonne Murphy and Mr. Walter Wojcik
    • Louellen and Tim Murray
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nachman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nagengast
    • Mrs. Lynn J. Naugle
    • Mrs. Susan Nax
    • Nayar Family Foundation
    • Ramon Nayar
    • Ms. Molly Nechvatal
    • Mr. Jerry Negele and Ms. Linda Negele
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nelson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Neustadt
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Nicholls
    • Mr. Mark Nichter
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Nicoll
    • Ms. Judith Nilles and Ms. Ann Miller
    • Ms. Janice Nitchals
    • Mr. and Mrs. James P. Noe
    • Pastor and Mrs. Thomas Noll
    • Barbara P. Norem
    • Mr. and Mrs. Noel Norquist
    • Ms. Edith Northfield
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Novak
    • Ms. Bernadette Nowicki
    • Neal and Diane Nowicki
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nowosielski
    • Ms. Ellie O'Brien and Ms. Darcy Park
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Brien
    • Robert J. O'Brien
    • Susan C. O'Brien and Donald J. Arnold
    • Mr. Tim O'Brien and Ms. Amy Coleman
    • James O'Hara
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Hara
    • Terry Ober
    • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oh
    • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Oleniczak
    • Robert Oliver
    • Gary and Joan Ollman Charitable Fund
    • Ms. Leatrice A. Olson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olson
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Olszewski
    • Ms. Maryann Onis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Orton
    • Our Giving Tree
    • Mrs. Joy Pacelli
    • Andy and Jeanne Pagorek
    • Sue Paist
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pajkos
    • Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pallasch
    • Roger and Barbara Yaney Palmer
    • Larry and Carolann Parker
    • Ms. Sandra Parks and Mr. David Weaver
    • James D. Parsons Gift Fund
    • Ms. Lina Paskevicius
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Passaro
    • Mr. and Mrs. James J. Patterson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Patterson, Jr.
    • Fred and Marni Paulman
    • Ms. Bonnie Paulson and Mr. Bill Paulson
    • Mark D. Paulus
    • Ms. Jennifer Peckenpaugh and Mr. Douglas Peckenpaugh
    • Richard and Christine Pehlke
    • Mr. Ron Pepping
    • Ms. Irma Perez
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Peterik
    • Suzy and Bob Peters
    • Ms. Deborah Lovely Petrellis and Mr. Nicholas Petrellis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Petrovic
    • Ms. Cathy Pettis and Ms. Stephanie DiVito
    • Estate of Ruth M. Philbrook
    • Ronald and Tiffani Picco
    • Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Pickett
    • Ms. Jane Piel
    • Mrs. Mary Anne Pienta
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pierczynski
    • Ed and Bunny Pillar
    • Lucy A. Pillinger^
    • Dr. Jane Plass
    • Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Plepel
    • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Plywacznski
    • Mr. Dominic Polizzotto and Ms. Beth Henning Polizzotto
    • Estate of Eugene Pomerance
    • Mr. David Poole
    • Ms. Kay Porsche
    • Mr. and Mrs. Boone Powell
    • Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Powley
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Prather
    • Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Preuss
    • Mrs. Eleanor Putnam
    • Mrs. Colleen Quinn-Grubbs and Mr. John Grubbs
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn
    • Ms. Sharon Quintenz and Mr. John Van Pelt
    • In Honor of Karin and Jonathan Quist
    • Ms. Susan Rapinchuk and Mr. Tim Rapinchuk
    • Warren and Nancy Rasmussen
    • Ginny and Don Raths
    • Ms. Annalise Raziq and Ms. Kalila Holt
    • Mrs. Sherry Reiff
    • Ann and Bob Reiland
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Reineking
    • Mrs. Janet Reinhardt and Mr. Scott Reinhardt
    • Robert E. Reininga
    • Brian and Barbara Renwick
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Reum
    • Sherry and Bob^* Reum
    • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rewerts
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rezmer
    • Ms. Nicole Rhind and Mr. John Paulus
    • Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation
    • John and Kari Richardson
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Rieber, Sr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Ringquist
    • Mrs. Maureen Riordan
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg
    • Ms. Mary Colleen Roberts and Ms. Alison White
    • Mrs. Thalia Roberts
    • Mrs. Carole Robinson
    • Ms. Paige Rodgers
    • Ms. Mary Roe
    • Al and June Rogers
    • Mrs. Mary Rohde
    • Lon and Susan Rollinson
    • Romanucci & Blandin
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roos
    • In Memory of Dr. Raymond F. and Dorothy Rose
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rosebraugh
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rosenberg
    • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ross
    • Susan Ross
    • Al and Susan Rot
    • Mr. Richard Rotunno
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Rowe
    • Ms. Bobbie Rudnick and Mr. Marty Rudnick
    • Ms. Marie Ruff and Mr. William Kenneally
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rundell
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rupsis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sablich
    • Carole A. Sachen
    • Estate of John Sacher
    • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salerno, Sr.
    • Ms. Marcia Salerno
    • Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Sanchez
    • Mr. and Mrs. Buck Sanders
    • Dr. Ira Satinover and Dr. Luisa Di Pietro
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jon Satrum
    • Ted and Dianne Saul
    • Mrs. Brigitte Savic
    • Tim Scale and Laural Briggs
    • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scalf
    • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scaliatine
    • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scheck
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scheller
    • Robert Schillerstrom and Mary Beth O'Connor
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schless
    • Mrs. Susan Schmecht
    • Hildegarde Schmidt
    • Mrs. Sharon Schmidt
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Schmitt
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schmitt
    • Melissa and Adam Schmitz
    • Mr. and Mrs. James Schneider
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schrader
    • Ms. Cynthia Schriks
    • Roy and Michelene Schroeder
    • Kathy and Kevin Schulte
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schultz
    • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schultz
    • Ms. Coleen Schwartz
    • Marilyn Schweitzer and Michael Firman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Greg M. Scriba
    • Lee S. Selander
    • Mr. and Mrs. Yuksel Selcukoglu
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sensabaugh
    • Ms. Linda Severin
    • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sharp
    • Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shean, Jr.
    • Steve and Megan Shebik
    • Ms. Sue Sheehan and Mr. Jake Sheehan
    • Ms. Jennifer Sherdan and Mr. Matt Gaspar
    • Sheth Family Private Foundation
    • Ms. Susan Shih
    • Ms. Laura Shimkus
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shouba
    • Mrs. Kamo Sidhwa and Mr. Sri Komanduri
    • Ms. Alice Sima
    • Mrs. Roberta Simon
    • Mary Ann and Andrew Simpson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinn
    • Estate of Steven Sirois
    • Ms. Carol B. Skala
    • Mrs. Sharon Skowron-Bunnell and Mr. Scott Bunnell
    • Paula Skryja
    • Mrs. Alberta Slapak
    • Martin and Catherine Slark
    • Ms. Karen Smith
    • Linda and Stephen Smith
    • Pat and Bill Smith
    • Dr. Patricia Smith
    • Ms. Terrie S. Smith
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smolinski
    • Mr. Paul Smolinski and Ms. Kathleen Beary
    • Mrs. Maureen Sobczak
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solarz
    • Solomon Family
    • Ms. Cynthia Soltes
    • Ms. Janice Sommer
    • Mr. George Sotos and Mrs. Sarah Hansen-Sotos
    • Mr. Chase A. Southwood
    • Kathleen and Andrew Spiess
    • Ms. Connie Sprovieri
    • Ms. Lynn St. Germain and Mr. Mark Harvey
    • Ms. Karen Stachon and Ms. Karen Pollitt
    • Sue E. Stealey
    • Ms. Natalie Stec and Mr. Scott Benz
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stenger
    • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sternard
    • Mrs. Shirley M. Steward
    • Mrs. Mary Stollberg
    • Dr. Bob Stone
    • Mr. James Strafaci and Ms. Sandra Waunn
    • Mrs. Linda Strain
    • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sullivan
    • Arthur Sundberg and Lisa Walcott
    • Mr. and Mrs. William Swedler
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Szewczyk
    • Dr. Kelly Talaga and Mr. Frank Talaga
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Tam
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tan
    • Ms. Shannon Tang
    • Dr. Cathy Taphorn and Mr. Scott Strader
    • Mr. David Tate and Ms. Victoria Tate
    • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Teach
    • Ms. Nancy Telford-Jackson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Templeton
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Teuscher
    • Terri and Allen Thomalla
    • Ms. Mary Thompson
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Thonn
    • Ms. Jacqueline Tierney
    • TnT Family Foundation
    • Dr. J. Richard and Sandra C. Toleikis
    • Ms. Kathy Treland
    • Ms. Joyce Trier
    • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trogdon
    • Mr. Junichi Tsumura
    • Mrs. Donna Tuerk
    • Ms. Janet Tuma
    • Mrs. Anne Turner and Mr. John Turner
    • Ms. Lorna Turner and Ms. Emily Turner
    • Dr. Jessica Turner-Skoff and Mr. Justin Skoff
    • Ms. Donna Ucherek
    • Ms. Leeann Uridge and Mr. John Dent
    • Mr. and Mrs. Don Ursin
    • Mr. Theodore Utchen
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Valaskovic
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Van Arsdell
    • Mrs. Linda Van Dyk and Ms. Bonnie Van Dyk
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Horn
    • Mr. Richard Van Slyke and Mrs. Windy Tamplin
    • Ms. Kathryn Vana and Mr. Paul Gnat
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Vanderberg
    • Mr. and Mrs. Scott VanDuzor
    • Michael and Kristyn Vaneekeren
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Vanest
    • Ms. Lynn VanKanegan and Mr. Kevin VanKanegan
    • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Vann
    • Mr. William Vantrease
    • Ms. Bernadine Vehrs
    • Ms. Bonnie Vicha
    • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Viktora
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Villarese
    • Estate of Lorraine Vitous
    • Ms. Mardelle Vonderohe and Mr. Robert Vonderohe
    • Wadle Family
    • Susan and Jeffrey Wagner
    • Jacqueline and Cam Walker
    • Mr. and Mrs. Marty Walker
    • Mr. Ronald Wallin and Ms. Whitney Parker
    • Mr. John Walter and Ms. Leith Maclaren
    • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Waslo
    • Mr. and Mrs. Andy Waters
    • Ms. Mary Ellen Waterson
    • Mrs. Megan Watson and Ms. Katy Turecek
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weaver
    • Dr. Heather Weber
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wegner
    • Amy and Joe Weidenbach
    • Mrs. Susan Weiner
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Weisgerber
    • Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Weithers
    • Mrs. Helene Wells
    • Ms. Annamaria Wencel and Mr. Nemanja Brcan
    • Elizabeth and William Werth
    • Joanne H. Wessel
    • Ms. Sharon M. West
    • Amy and Morris W. Westerhold
    • Western Springs Garden Club
    • Mr. John W. Wheeler
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bill White
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles White
    • Estate of Dorothy B. White
    • Mrs. Emily White
    • Jim and Frankky Whitlock
    • Mr. and Mrs. John T. Whittington
    • Mr. Charles Whitver
    • Mrs. Clara M. Wiatrak
    • Mr. Ken Wickham
    • Dave and Sandy Wiedemeier
    • Philip C. Wiederhold
    • Ms. Ellen A. Wier
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Wiesemes
    • Peg Wieser and Nadine Roy
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wilda
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Wilderman
    • Mr. and Mrs. Rich Wilders
    • Mrs. Mary Lou Wilke
    • Reverend Carole Willer and Mr. Roger Willer
    • Mr. Douglas Willett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chuck T. Williams
    • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams
    • Mr. Dennis Williamson and Ms. Margaret Baumann
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilson
    • Mrs. Joan K. Wilson
    • Ms. Leslie Wilson
    • Ms. Linda Winkler
    • Mr. and Mrs. David Wise
    • Dennis E. Wisnosky and Rosemary Macko Wisnosky
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolfe
    • Ms. Tamara Woller-Li and Ms. Virginia Paul
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woodruff
    • Ms. Patricia A. Worth
    • Mr. Francis Wren and Ms. Elizabeth Wren
    • Estate of Gary L. Wright
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Wunar
    • Mr. and Mrs. Trent Yaman
    • Sharon Yiesla
    • Kathleen C. Yosko
    • Mr. Kenneth Youga
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yurcus
    • Mr. and Mrs. Wojciech Zabiello
    • Mr. Ron Zalud and Ms. Diana Pasch
    • Jerry and Jody Zamirowski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Piotr Zbiegiel
    • Mary A. Zell
    • Ms. Jarmila Zemla
    • Mr. and Mrs. Matt Zerby
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zielinski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zielke
    • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zimmerman
    • Estate of David R. Zurek

    Asterisk (*) indicates Trustee or Life Trustee
    ^Indicates Remembered

    Employee Giving

    • Anonymous (3)
    • Scott Allen
    • Shanita Anderson
    • Patty Arend
    • Kris Bachtell
    • Andrea Bagley
    • Sheila Bangs
    • Barbara Baron
    • Eileen Barrett
    • Jan Beck
    • Marsha L. Beste
    • Sharon Borer
    • Elizabeth Botts
    • Brenda M. Brocato
    • Cristina Bueno
    • Kelly Burns
    • Dr. Charles H. Cannon
    • Dave A. Cascarano
    • Dr. Nicole Cavender
    • Krista Childs
    • Katrina Chipman
    • Nancy Ciesiel
    • Shannon Cleary
    • Ann Cliff
    • Kathryn Damato
    • Kathi D'Amico
    • Mary D'Amico
    • Maureen DeJonghe
    • Jennifer Devine
    • Dr. Gerard T. Donnelly
    • Carissa Dougherty
    • Nancy Dowdell
    • Kathleen Doyle
    • Meghan Doyle
    • Kurt Dreisilker
    • Kevin Earll
    • Linda S. Edwards
    • Colleen E. Emrick
    • Barb Epley
    • James S. Fawley
    • Donna Fisher
    • Cynthia J. Fitzgerald
    • Jacqueline Fucilla
    • Kayla Furjanic
    • Jacqueline Gammons
    • John Garrison
    • Maureen N. Garro
    • Megan M. Gensler
    • Billie Gerlach
    • Mary-Claire Glasenhardt
    • William Gora
    • Tracy Gragido
    • Beth G. Graham
    • Karla Gulley
    • Charles Gutsmiedl
    • John Hansen
    • Jenelle Hardtke
    • Rita M. Hassert
    • Deborah Heinze
    • Retta Hennessy
    • Susan L. Jacobson
    • Todd C. Jacobson
    • Joycelyn Jaksa
    • Dawn M. Janke
    • Ken Janoski
    • Karin Jaros
    • Jennifer J. Jones
    • Sheila Jurss
    • Laura Kamedulski
    • Mary Claire Kastenholz
    • Kevin Kirk
    • Carla Klausler
    • Anne Klos
    • Natalie Knight
    • Lesley Kolaya
    • Debbie Kostolansky
    • Linda Kurtz
    • Thomas Laskowski
    • Alicia LaVire
    • Margaret Legel
    • Richard Leidolf
    • Marvin Lo
    • Matthew Lobdell
    • Nicole McCarthy
    • Terri McCue
    • Lisa Mertz-Erwin
    • Yvonne Miranda
    • Kathleen Mittel
    • Jennifer A. Mukosey
    • Andrew Munoz
    • Mary Kay Mutz
    • Kelly Nolan
    • Laura Nudo
    • James O'Hara
    • Judith Olson
    • Xitlaly Ortiz
    • Susan K. Paist
    • Susan B. Paris
    • Mary Pavia
    • Mimi Payne
    • Nancy Peske
    • Larry Peterman
    • Ronald P. Picco
    • Trinity Pierce
    • Nancy J. Porte
    • Lillian Potter
    • John Puljung
    • Sai Ravichandran
    • Robert Reilley
    • Mike Rich
    • Aimee Rizk
    • Susan Ross
    • Dana Rotz
    • Margaret C. Rurik
    • Kristin Sabatino
    • Carolyn Scarpelli
    • Annah Schmidt
    • Jeff Schroder
    • Lydia A. Scott
    • Kevin Slater
    • Graham Smith
    • Bob Snow
    • John Sobieck
    • Monica P. Solomon
    • Natalie Sord
    • Kathleen Spiess
    • Gina Steele
    • Joann Stehlik
    • Scott Swords
    • Stanley Szewczyk
    • Sarah J. Tobeck
    • Dr. Jessica Turner-Skoff
    • Stephen Van Loan
    • Patricia A. Vish
    • Sue Wagner
    • Susan Wagner
    • Dr. Gary W. Watson
    • Meghan Wiesbrock
    • Nora Williams-Fielder
    • Kim Wilson
    • Lindsey Worcester
    • Sharon Yiesla
    • Janet Young
    • Cathy Zimmerman

    In-Kind Giving

    • A. Marek Fine Jewelry
    • A. O'Brien Photography
    • Airstream of Chicago
    • Aramark Corporation
    • Patricia K. Armstrong
    • Ball Horticultural Company
    • Bartlett Tree Experts
    • Robert F. Berry
    • Boxed Water Is Better
    • Chicago Athlete Magazine
    • The Davey Tree Expert Company
    • Sterling and Zech Decker
    • Dick Pond Athletics
    • Emily Fleischman
    • Food For Thought
    • Rita M. Hassert
    • Henricksen & Co.
    • Glenn Hopkins
    • Hyatt Regency Lisle
    • Craig B. Johnson
    • Donna La Pietra and Bill Kurtis
    • Laura Lehuta
    • Phillip’s Flowers
    • REI Co-op
    • Sand Valley Golf Resort
    • Sandy Soper
    • Joann Stehlik
    • Sterling
    • Ivy Warpeha
    • Christine Wieczorek
    • Grace A. Witt
    • Sara Zimmerman



    Year ended December 31, 2018
    Revenue and Support
    Retail Services$8,939,914
    Visitor Events4,227,957

    Total Revenue and Support$32,047,535
    Collections and Facilities9,064,205
    Science and Conservation4,091,626
    Public Programs1,949,988
    Retail Services7,216,185
    Visitor Services3,602,066
    Depreciation and Amortization3,239,585

    Total Expenses$41,246,954
    Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets
    From Operations(9,199,419)
    Investment Activity(7,080,053)
    Interest Swap Rate 252,428

    Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets($16,027,044)


    Year ended December 31, 2018
    Cash $4,145,093
    Investments in Marketable Securities, at Fair Value227,724,071
    Property and Equipment, Net52,626,973
    Other Assets764,970

    Total Assets$289,401,297
    Accounts Payable and Other Accrued Liabilities$3,595,167
    Loan Payable4,125,000
    Bonds Payable48,680,572

    Total Liabilities$56,400,739
    Net Assets
    Without Donor Restrictions$224,746,987
    With Donor Restrictions8,253,571

    Total Net Assets$233,000,558

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets$289,401,297