Dear Arboretum Friends,

In 2015 The Morton Arboretum adopted an identity as The Champion of Trees. We think it’s a fitting description of who we are and what we stand for, and we count you — supporters of the Arboretum — as tree champions, too. Championing is what we do to lead, influence, and take action on behalf of trees, and 2015 was a championship year of achievements, made possible by champions like you!

For the first time, more than a million visitors experienced the Arboretum in a single year, enjoying, learning about, or finding inspiration in trees. It was also a record year for membership, which reflects growing interest and support for our mission to save and plant trees.

Here at this outdoor living museum, we continued momentum in building science and conservation programs, developing new plants, and improving the natural environment. In new ways, we taught children about trees and helped people understand more about tree care.
Beyond the 1,700 acres of the Arboretum, we extended urban forestry outreach services in the Chicago region, conducted plant explorations nationally and internationally, and furthered global partnerships for tree preservation.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on and value your support so that we can collect, study, and share expert knowledge about trees, engaging more people to appreciate and protect trees in a changing world.

The Arboretum that was so successful in 2015 is raising funds for major projects and pursuits through the Growing Brilliantly campaign that will position us to be even stronger and more impactful as The Champion of Trees.

Thank you for being a tree champion by supporting The Morton Arboretum. Indeed, you are contributing to a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.

With appreciation,

Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD
President and CEO


The Arboretum’s new Global Oak Conservation Initiative aims to bring together arboreta and other types of botanical gardens and research centers to collaborate so that, that despite habitat loss, climate change, new pests and diseases, and other threats, no oak species will go extinct. The initiative builds on the Arboretum's extensive oak collection and research program, and it focuses on China and North America, which have the greatest number of oak species. The first step, led by Murphy Westwood, PhD, tree conservation specialist, is to assess how many of the world’s 430 oak species are threatened or endangered. The Arboretum’s leadership in conserving oaks and other trees was recognized this year when Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD, president and CEO, was named to the board of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, a network of 500 botanic gardens in more than 100 countries that seek to collect, conserve, study, and grow plants to protect against their extinction.

Tree planting in the wild

October 2015 was "Oak Awareness Month" in Illinois. Governor Bruce Rauner signed the statewide declaration in response to a request from the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, an Arboretum-led partnership of agencies and organizations in seven counties of northeastern Illinois. Statewide, 77 communities and organizations held oak-themed events and planted 2,700 oaks and companion trees. It was one of CRTI’s many outreach and education efforts directed at homeowners, professionals, municipalities, and private landowners who care for trees. Meanwhile, ArbNet, the online, interactive community of tree-focused public gardens initiated by The Morton Arboretum to strengthen the arboretum community, now counts 123 accredited arboreta from nine countries, including China. The accreditation program establishes a set of industry standards and provides guidelines for professional development of these tree-centered botanical gardens.


When the International Oak Society held its triennial meeting at the Arboretum in October, it was a homecoming; the society held its first meeting at the Arboretum 22 years before. It was also an opportunity to feature the Arboretum’s oak expertise and leadership. The meeting drew 190 researchers, public garden professionals, and oak enthusiasts from 15 countries, including several from China. They shared important research on oak biology and planned collaborations to study oaks and develop the knowledge needed to conserve them. The visiting oak experts heard from a dozen Arboretum staff members about its collections, conservation programs, and research. Many discovered the fall color and beauty of the Arboretum for the first time. To reinforce its leadership role, the Arboretum officially announced its Global Oak Conservation Initiative at the meeting and hosted gatherings of several important oak science and conservation working groups.

Group observing the Oak Collection at The Morton Arboretum

From Alabama to the mountains of China, Arboretum staff collected seeds and specimens to expand and diversify its collections of trees and plants from the temperate regions of the world. Matt Lobdell, curator and head of collections, traveled through Mississippi and Georgia, collecting specimens of the endangered Oglethorpe oak (Quercus oglethorpensis) and other threatened oak species. Joseph Rothleutner, tree and shrub breeder, collected specimens of sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana var. virginiana) from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with the goal of finding hardy selections that could thrive in Midwestern cities, parks, and backyards. And Kris Bachtell, vice president of collections and facilities, sought specimens of endangered paperbark maples (Acer griseum) in mountainous regions of China, working with partners to diversify the gene pool of paperbark maples in cultivation around the world. All these efforts improve the Arboretum’s collections and their usefulness for conservation and research.

Seeds from China

Near the end of 2015, many visitors saw a new sight: the banks of the East Branch of the DuPage River. Long hidden by thickets of invasive trees and shrubs, they had deeply eroded, undermining the roots of valuable trees in some of The Morton Arboretum’s oldest collections. Last fall, the Arboretum and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began an ambitious restoration project along the 1.5-mile stretch of the river to remove invasive plants, regrade the riverbanks to deter erosion, and create new habitat both along the river and in its waters. When the 18-month project is finished, newly sloping banks will be planted with some 850 new trees as well as thousands of native grasses, wildflowers, and other plants, creating new vistas and new homes for fish, birds, and other wildlife.

DuPage River
Woman removing brush

The Woodland Stewardship Program was developed to train the volunteer stewards who help restore the Arboretum’s 900 acres of natural areas. In 2015, the Arboretum began work to make its expertise in restoration available to a wider audience of restoration stewards. The Arboretum received a grant of $670,000 from Tellabs Foundation to expand and reorganize the program, incorporating online components as well as classroom sessions and field experience, to help train professionals and volunteers to manage and restore natural areas including woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and other habitats throughout the Chicago region. The Arboretum team created concise, convenient classes that focus on specific topics and make full use not only of the restoration staff’s experience in training volunteers but of the Arboretum’s wide range of habitats, from the Schulenberg Prairie to Meadow Lake to the East Woods.

Chuck Cannon

The Center for Tree Science has its first director: Chuck Cannon, PhD, whose expertise ranges from forest ecology to genomics and whose work has taken him from Texas to Borneo to China. He reports to Nicole Cavender, PhD, vice president of science and conservation, and together they will plan the center’s strategy to increase the scientific understanding of the complex challenges faced by trees and forests and train more researchers to add to that understanding. The Center for Tree Science also added two new researchers. Meghan Midgley, PhD, soil ecologist, focuses her research on the interactions of trees and soil fungi, and Sean Hoban, PhD, tree conservation biologist, works to understand, document, and conserve the genetic variation of tree species. Additionally, Jessica Turner-Skoff, PhD, has joined the Arboretum as treeologist on the science and conservation staff to carry out science, education, and communication initiatives with the goal of making tree science clearer, more relevant, and more accessible to the general public.

Global Researchers

Scientists from around the world continued to collaborate with the Arboretum in 2015 to meet the challenges facing trees. In addition to its ongoing and expanding collaborations with botanical gardens in China on tree science and conservation, the Arboretum is now developing relationships in Mexico, which, like China, is a global center for diversity of oaks. Many of these relationships have developed from international collaborations on the genetic relationships of oaks including Andrew Hipp, PhD, senior scientist, as well as scientists from China, France, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. During 2015, Hipp hosted postdoctoral researchers from Spain and Pakistan in the Arboretum's herbarium. The Arboretum also welcomed a group of visiting scientists from Russia.

Accolade Elm in production

In 2015, to make sure the New Plant Development Program has a long future, it was endowed by a $2.35 million gift to the Growing Brilliantly campaign from the Daniel P. Haerther Fund for Development of Trees for the Urban Environment. The gift will ensure that the program has the resources to seek or breed useful and ornamental tree and shrub varieties that can thrive in urban environments and resist diseases and pests. Long-term funding is essential, since it can take many years to find promising new kinds of trees and decades to test their worth. One of the first commercially introduced varieties of elms resistant to Dutch elm disease, the Accolade™ elm (Ulmus japonica var. davidiana), comes from a tree planted by Arboretum founder Joy Morton in the 1920s and used in research decades later.

Pollinating plant

The Arboretum’s focus on oaks in conservation and research flows in part from its internally recognized Oak Collection. In 2015, Matt Lobdell, curator and head of collections, undertook an audit of the collection. The resulting report listed 75 different kinds of oaks from the temperate zones of the world, 62 percent of them collected from the wild. That’s important, because knowing the exact location and conditions in which a tree was naturally growing when it was collected can be key to its value for research. The Oak Collection includes species that were collected from Mexico to Quebec and from California to China. That doesn’t count the native oaks—white oaks, bur oaks, pin oaks, and many other Midwestern species—that grow in the Arboretum’s restored and natural areas, many of them older than the Arboretum.

Matt Lobdell assessing Oaks

The Morton Arboretum Children’s Garden celebrated its 10th birthday in 2015. Members and other visitors marked the occasion in September with a birthday party that reflected the garden’s aim to make nature fun and accessible for children and their families. It included a scavenger hunt for unique trees in the garden, chances to make treats for the birds or sample vegetables from the garden, and nature-inspired music. Since the garden opened in 2005, it has been a resounding success: 357,614 people visited the Children’s Garden in 2015—a third of the Arboretum’s total attendance. From toddlers to preteens, children listened to stories, splashed in Wonder Pond or watched the marvel of tadpoles becoming toads, made nature crafts, or shared tents with their families for popular overnight campouts. Teenage volunteers tended the vegetable patch and gardens, and Thursday Family Nights encouraged families to linger together outdoors in the summer twilight.

Children looking at interpretation signs

When classes of schoolchildren arrive for field trips at The Morton Arboretum, they have an engaging new way to learn about the science of the natural world. In a program that was implemented in 2015, the students explore the Arboretum’s ponds and lakes, take water samples, and then analyze them using tablet computers. Tiny microorganisms become visible through the tablets’ cameras, and children make connections between the world outdoors, the chain of life it supports, and the methods scientists use to study it. To encourage more teachers to take advantage of such educational offerings, the Arboretum created Teacher Tuesdays with free admission for education professionals all summer. And 1,221 children attended Summer Science Camp, learning about everything from nuts to bugs to prairie ecosystems.

Children viewing microbes through a tablet
Northern Tree Selecting List

Homeowners and landscapers who wonder when to prune a shrub or tree or whether they should worry about insect eggs on the bark of a tree know they can turn to the Arboretum’s Plant Clinic. The Plant Clinic pages on the Arboretum’s website were viewed 300 times as often in 2015 as the year before. The staff and trained volunteers handled more than 15,000 inquiries by phone and email and in person, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. It’s just one way the Arboretum is a trusted source of practical, science-based advice about trees and other plants. In 2015, the Arboretum released a new Northern Illinois Tree Species List and an online selection tool based on it. They both encourage gardeners and professionals to choose trees that will thrive in their site conditions. Conferences, classes, and workshops made the Arboretum’s tree expertise available to gardeners and professionals all year. And on Arbor Day, a celebration in downtown Chicago engaged 1,324 people.

Millionth Visitor

In 2015, for the first time in its history, the Arboretum had more than a million visitors in a single year—1,056,000, an increase of 13 percent over 2014. They came to romp in the Children’s Garden, to stroll or bike in the woods, to learn new skills and expand their knowledge in education programs, to attend professional conferences and workshops, to enjoy lunch, to shop, and to participate in a full calendar of seasonal events. Ticket sales to the wintertime Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum topped 143,000, surpassing 2014 by 15 percent. In spring, 2,750 gardeners shopped at the Arbor Day Plant sale, 10 percent more than the year before, and sales increased 12 percent to a record 23,000 plants. Nature Connects®, an exhibition of nature sculptures built from LEGO® blocks, was a summer attraction, and the Fall Color Festival drew visitors in autumn. The Arboretum toasted the end of a banner year by introducing its first craft beer through Lake Effects Brewing Company: Arbor Oak Amber Ale.


Many new people discovered the Arboretum through their visits and wanted to become a part of its excitement, enjoy its beauty, and support its mission. In 2015, Arboretum membership reached a record 43,700 member households, 11 percent more than in 2014. The increase in awareness was evident in many other ways, as unprecedented numbers of people became social media fans, signed up for the email newsletter, and visited the website. The Arboretum’s corps of dedicated volunteers was also greater than ever: 1,284 volunteers dedicated nearly 63,000 hours of time. They helped scientists on important research projects, removed invasive plant species in restored areas, primped the Ground Cover Garden, welcomed visitors to events, prepared specimens in the herbarium, helped children have fun with nature in the Children’s Garden, and provided so many other valuable services that it would have taken more than 32 full-time staff members to replicate their efforts.


Knowing that trees need heroes more than ever before, the Arboretum launched a new brand on Arbor Day 2015. The Arboretum’s role as the champion of trees became the unifying element of the institution’s messaging and role in the community. Print, billboard, and digital advertising, as well as social media, aimed to raise public awareness of the Arboretum as a leading tree champion. Public relations efforts led to a surge of media coverage in the Chicago region. President and CEO Gerard T. Donnelly appeared on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight program, while Nicole Cavender, vice president of science and conservation, and Lydia Scott, director of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, were featured in the Chicago Tribune. The “champion of trees” theme supported all Arboretum activities, highlighting the Arboretum’s efforts in tree preservation, conservation, urban forestry, science, education, and new plant development and urging Chicagoans to become tree champions by caring for and advocating for trees.

Arbor day brand launch in Chicago

With generous support from donors, the Arboretum can proceed with essential projects that will make it possible to take an even greater leadership role in the world of trees. Work began on the construction of new facilities for the staff who maintain the Arboretum's 1,700 acres of magnificent trees. A gift of $3 million from former trustee Nancy Hamill Winter and the Hamill Family Foundation will support the development of the Center for Tree Science, and a $2.35 million gift to the Growing Brilliantly campaign from the Daniel P. Haerther Fund for Development of Trees for the Urban Environment supports the New Plant Development Program. Gifts such as these will make it possible for the Arboretum, a private, nonprofit institution, to be the champion of trees far into the future. To all who support this important work, thank you.

Sketch of proposed work for Capital Campaign
Board of Trustees
*As of December 31, 2015

Darrell B. Jackson, Chairman
Former CEO
Seaway Bank and Trust Company

Anna Caroline Ball, Vice Chairman
President and CEO
Ball Horticultural Company

Charles P. McQuaid, Treasurer
Portfolio Manager
Columbia Wanger Asset
Management LLC

Ann Grube, Secretary
Civic Leader


Walter W. Becky II
Retired President
Morton Salt Group

Christopher B. Burke
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.

Mary L. Burke
Lakeshore Food Advisors

Keith Crandell
Founder and Managing Director
ARCH Venture Partners LP

James F. Dickerson
Retired Executive
Bank of America

Robert L. Fealy
Founding Managing Director
Limerick Advisors

Stephen C. Gieser
Wheaton Eye Clinic

K’Lynne Johnson
Former CEO
Elevance Renewable Sciences

Kenneth Koranda
Retired President
MidAmerica Bank

Amy Louis
Civic Leader

Timothy M. Murray
Chicago Growth Partners

Madhavan Nayar
President and Owner
E-Prairie, LLC

Henry B. Pearsall
Retired Chairman and CEO
Sanford Corporation (Newell)

W. Robert Reum
Chairman, President and CEO
Amsted Industries, Incorporated

Robert J. Schillerstrom
Ice Miller LLP

F. Andrew Simpson
Head of Global Business

Stephen C. Van Arsdell
Retired Senior Partner
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Robert S. Wasserman
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Allstate Insurance Company

Joseph L. Weidenbach
Chicago Region Head-
Wealth Management
U.S. Bank

Life Trustees

Elisabeth G. Bacon
Stephen W. Baird
Natalie Culley

President and CEO

Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD
The Morton Arboretum

Board of Advisors

Joseph L. Weidenbach, Chairman*
Chicago Region Head -
Wealth Management
U.S. Bank

George Berry IV
TC Industries

Michael Bushman
Retired Vice President of
Global Policy and Communications

Fernando Ereneta
Financial Advisor,
Registered Principal
Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

Joel Eurich
Director, Global Environmental,
Health & Safety

Tom Gleitsman
Exron Capital, Inc.

Ted Haffner
Landscape Architect

Fanee Haleas
Former Trustee

Tim Hermann
Vice President, Storage and
Peaking Operations
AGL Resources

Scott Jamieson
Vice President and
Midwest Division Manager
Bartlett Tree Experts

Mitchell Jones
Chief Compliance Officer,
US Pipelines & Logistics

Connie Keller
Civic Leader

Stephen Kenney
Director, Asset Management
Abbot Downing

Kenneth Koranda*
Retired President
MidAmerica Bank

James D. Parsons
The Brinson Foundation

Frederick Paulman
RMB Capital Management LLC

Richard Pehlke
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Heidrick & Struggles

Steve Solomon
President, Exelon Foundation,
Director of Corporate Relations
Exelon Corporation

Nancy Hamill Winter
Civic Leader

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee


Ken Koranda,* Chair
Darcy Adams
Mary Ann Anderson
Sandy Becky
Walter (Wally) Becky*
Karen Brunke
Candy Cleveland
Marianne Dennis
Mary Dickerson

Pam Donnelly
Catherine Donovan
Marguerite Guido
Victoria Klimkiewicz
John Koranda
Posy Krehbiel
Bernie Mack
Janice Mack
Mary Ellyn Madden

Ute O'Malley
Jeanne Osgood
Ann Reiland
Janice Sommer
Bonnie Valiant
Oriana Van Someren
Amy Westerhold
Susan Zurcher

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee


Anonymous (6)
Allstate Insurance Company
Robert Babiar
Anna Ball
Susan and Ken Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Becky II
George and Margo Berry
Robert F. Berry Charitable Trust
Celestia Boughner
Richard and Joyce Brunot
Christopher and Susan Burke
Mary L. Burke
Cathy and Mike Bushman
Estate of Cleve Carney
Len and Susan Cecala
Susan E. Davis and Keith Crandell
James and Pamela Crouthamel
Harry and Marianne Dennis
Joy and Ron Detmer
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dickerson
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
Doyle Family
Estate of Mildred Drew
Estate of Shirley M. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Faulk
Ruth and James Fawley
Rose and Bob Fealy
Joan Figatner
Estate of Lenore V. Filip
Charles L. Fink
Robert G. Finn
Mary M. Forester
John and Bernice Gardner
Dr. Stephen Gieser and
Dr. Ruth Williams
Thomas E. Gleitsman
Estate of Helen Gray

Judy Grey
Ann and John Grube
Daniel P. Haerther Fund for
Development of Trees for
the Urban Environment
Mrs. Anne C. Haffner
Mirja and Ted Haffner
Hamill Family Foundation
In Memory of Fred Hookham
Estate of Florence H. Hybl
Darrell B. Jackson and
Valencia M. Ray, M.D.
Mr. Richard C. Janzow
Jean Judson
Connie and Dennis Keller
Rita A. Kenning
L & V Knudsen Trust
Kenneth and Susan Koranda
Tsung-Shung Lee
Martha L. Lewis
Amy and Steve Louis
Bernie and Janice Mack
Mary Ellyn Madden
Estate of Joan Ellen Martin
Don Matheny
Susan McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McQuaid
Charles and Monica McQuaid
Family Foundation
Hellevi Miller
William and Nancy Moore
Edith Moran
Louellen and Tim Murray
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Oleniczak
Sophie Owczarek
James D. Parsons
Fred and Marni Paulman

Suzy and Bob Peters
Estate of Ruth M. Philbrook
Bernadine and Edward Pillar
Estate of Eugene Pomerance
Warren and Nancy Rasmussen
Ann and Bob Reiland
Robert E. Reininga
Brian and Barbara Renwick
Sherry and Bob Reum
Al and June Rogers
Robert and Maryann Rosenberg
Al and Susan Rot
Estate of John O. Sacher
Tim Scale and Laural Briggs
Robert Schillerstrom and
Mary Beth O'Connor
Lee S. Selander and
Iris P. Hannon
Martin and Catherine Slark
Ms. Janice Sommer
George Szewczyk
Nancy Telford-Jackson and
Steven Jackson
Terri and Allen Thomalla
Donna Ucherek
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Van Arsdell
Michael and Kristyn Vaneekeren
Bonnie Vicha
Estate of Lorraine S. Vitous
Mr. Richard J. Walls
Amy and Joe Weidenbach
Amy and Morris W. Westerhold
Estate of Donald and Dorothy White
Dave and Sandy Wiedemeier
Peg Wieser and Nadine Roy
Jarmila Zemla

2015 Individual Donors

The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the following
individuals and family foundations that made annual fund
contributions from January 1 through December 31, 2015.

Ginkgo Circle
President's Council

$25,000 and above
Anna Caroline Ball*
The Buchanan Family Foundation
Mrs. Anne C. Haffner
Connie and Dennis Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles* P. McQuaid
Mr. and Mrs. Madhavan* Nayar
Al and June Rogers

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Oak Circle
President’s Council
$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (2)
Stephen* and Susan Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauer
Susan and Ken Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Berry IV
The Birck Family Fund
James and Cynthia Bowhay
Betty J. Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke
Ms. Mary L. Burke*
Susan E. Davis and Keith* Crandell
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Croisetiere

The Dick Family Foundation
Mary M. Forester
John and Bernice Gardner
Marion H. Giles
Thomas E. Gleitsman
Ms. Barbara Jean Gore
Iris Hannon and Lee S. Selander
Marti and Chuck Henning
Darrell B. Jackson* and
Valencia M. Ray, M.D.
The Julian Family Foundation
Kenneth* and Susan Koranda
Mr. John H. Krehbiel, Jr.
Ms. Posy L. Krehbiel

Amy* and Steve Louis
Louellen and Tim* Murray
Jane and Henry* Pearsall
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Renwick
Sherry and Bob* Reum
Albert J. and Susan E. Rot Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew* F. Simpson
LaVora E. Singleton and Lynn Dieter
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Slark
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen* C. Van Arsdell
Mr. Richard J. Walls
Nancy Hamill Winter

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Hawthorn Circle
Thornhill Society
$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (4)
Robert F. Berry Charitable Trust
Virginia Cook
Marianne and Harry Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dondlinger
Rose and Bob* Fealy
Ms. Lynne S. Friedlander and
Mr. Jay C. Crawford

Dr. Stephen* Gieser and
Dr. Ruth Williams
Ann* and John Grube
Mirja and Ted Haffner
Bob and Jane Hilb
Ms. Kit Keane and
Mr. Duncan M. Alexander
Ms. Angelique Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John Oleniczak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pehlke
Robert Schillerstrom* and
Mary Beth O'Connor
Mrs. Barbara Bradford and
Mr. Robert L. Sherman
Ms. Leslie Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert* S. Wasserman
Amy and Joe* Weidenbach

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Elm Circle
Thornhill Society
$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Adams
Midge and Dan Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauters
Howard and Moira Buhse
Mr. John F. Cavanaugh
Doris K. Christopher
Ms. Joy Clark and
Ms. Suzanne Haslwanter
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Cleveland
James and Pamela Crouthamel
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly

David and Margaret Gibson
Mr. Howard Goldstein and
Ms. Margaret McGrath
Tom and Elaine Hundrieser
Mr. Richard C. Janzow
Dale and Davida Kalina
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kozurek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamb
Gary and Maureen Lichtenheld
Mary Ellyn Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard May
Mrs. Olive McKay

Susan C. O'Brien and Donald J. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parish
Suzy and Bob Peters
Quentin and Diana Podraza
Nancy and Warren Rasmussen
Robert E. Reininga
Mr. Fred Schnitzius and
Ms. Marilyn Kujawa
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Steinmetz
Philip C. Wiederhold
Peg Wieser and Nadine Roy
Mary A. Zell

Thornhill Circle
Thornhill Society
$1,500 - $2,499

Anonymous (3)
The Allyn Foundation
Robert W. Ammann
Stephen and Mary Ann Anderson
Tom Anderson
Cushman and Pamela Andrews
Elisabeth* and John Bacon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Baikie
Tom and Ruth Bastian
Dora Jane Bennett and Cheryl Weber
Greg Blue
Karen S. Brunke
William F. Bucha
Andrew Bunting
Mike and Cathy Bushman
Michael and Dorothy Carbon
Henry T. and Clarissa H. Chandler
Bill and Carol Chittenden
Bill and Jill Chittenden
Peter and Carole Clarke
Bill and Mary Sue Coates
Mr. John Cooper and
Ms. Sally Blackburn
Ms. Nancy Cox
Natalie Culley*
Ms. Elizabeth Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dentice
Cathy and Ernie Dittmann
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ehlers
Ron and Judy Eshleman
Mr. and Mrs. James Fawley
Mary and Bruce Feay
Anne L. and Mark B. Finn
Paula and Sam Gargano
Hendrica Ghali
Jennifer and Ken GoodSmith
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Greer
Mr. Derrick Gregg
Dr. Shannon Gritzenbach and
Mr. Edward Gritzenbach
Carol and Jeff Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jahn
Scott and Diane Jamieson
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Jones

John and Janie Kalchbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kenney
Mr. Mike Ketvertis
Mr. and Mrs. David W. King
Michelle and Rick Kinney
Mrs. Victoria Klimkiewicz
Jill Koski and David Ferguson
Mr. David Krych
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Kupec
Ms. Sandra Lee
Harriet Lindstrom
Michael and Lynn Locke
Bernard and Janice Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Magerkurth
Dr. Douglas and Frances Mains
Andrea Majewski
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Martin
Mary Ellen McArdle
Mr. and Mrs. S. McGue
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee
Dr. and Mrs. Zeyd Merenkov
Mr. John Meyer and
Ms. Catherine Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Micatka
Mrs. Mary Ann Minnec
Donnie P. Minyard and Lee B. Totzke
Ms. Noreen Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mueller
J. David and Sally Field Mullan
Frank and Jackie Murnane
Ms. Ann M. Neumann
John and Marilyn Newlin
Ute and Reed O'Malley
Mark and Jeanne Osgood
Andrew and Jeanne Pagorek
Ashley and Geoffrey Palmer
James D. Parsons
Marni and Fred Paulman
Nancy and Mike Peske
Ms. Linda Post and Mr. Robert Glavin
Sai Ravichandran
Ann and Bob Reiland
James J. and Laurie S. Renn

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg
Ms. Celia E. Rodee and
Mr. Peter E. Cooper
Carol Jean Rogalski, Ph.D.
Ms. Jacqueline Ryan
Ted and Dianne Saul
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Scales
Mr. Bruce Schreider and
Ms. Sandra Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Schueler
Ms. Karen Schwenk
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T. Scott
Helen Seren and Ronald Rusnak
Ms. Melissa Shary
The Shebik Family
Victoria M. Skala
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Slater
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith II
Mrs. Betty Smykal
Ms. Janice Sommer
Kathleen and Andrew Spiess
Nick Stanitz and
Margaret Bartel-Stanitz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stathakis
Mrs. Beth Sullivan and Mr. Tom Bauer
Louise I. Tausché
Ms. Deanna Taylor-Rodriguez and
Dr. Francisco Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thome
Mr. Chuck Tomczak
Kelly and Brendan Towey
Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis
Eleanor Tucker
Bonnie R. Valiant
Wendy and Greg Vichick
Gail and Darrell Voitik
Susan and Jeffrey Wagner
Wilma and Joe Wark
Amy and Morris Westerhold
Tom and Jean Whalls
Ms. Joni Williams
Jamie Wright
Mr. Melbourne Ziska

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

$500 – $1,499

Anonymous (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Albertson
Mr. and Mrs. John Anos
Kris and Colette Bachtell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bangs
Dr. and Mrs. Fariborze Barhamand
Mr. and Mrs. William Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnett
Donna and Ed Becht
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Begley
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Berkshire, Sr.
Ms. Janet Berman and
Mr. James Hruska
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Besinger
Ms. Adelaide Bialek
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Blackwell
Dr. and Mrs. John Bodine
Ms. Joan Brady and
Ms. Maggie Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bratton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Braun
Mr. Joseph Buchholz
Ms. Sharon Buckley
Bonnie G. Bula
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Burke
Mark and Francie Bushman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Butryn
Timothy Byam
Mrs. Kim Callahan-Kelly and
Mr. Sean Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William Carlberg
Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson
Mrs. Laurence A. Carton
Nicole Cavender
Mr. Edward Caveney
Mrs. Cynthia Christensen and
Mr. Gerard Oprins
Michelle and Steven Clegg
Ms. Susan Cobb
Carolyn B. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Conger
Mr. Edward Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crylen
Dr. M. Bryan Curd and Dr. David Curd
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dahle
Mrs. Sabra Darugar
Ms. P.R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Desanto
Ms. Kim DiGangi and
Mr. Angelo DiGangi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II
Mr. Michael W. Dornacher and
Ms. Jo Krafft
Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Duck
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Erbacci
Claudia F. Fabela
Dr. James Filkins and
Dr. Adrienne Segovia
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Flynn
Ms. Jean Follett-Thompson and
Mr. Douglas Thompson
Jacqueline Fucilla
Mr. Fred Galluzzo and
Mrs. Sharon Rice
Mrs. Janice Gehrke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geier
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gentry
Ms. Christine Giannoni and
Mr. Gary Giannoni

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Godfrey
Mary Gower
Jack and Robin Graham
Judy Grey
Ms. Sharon Grimm and
Ms. Stacey Horn
Joe and Elaine Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hebda
Mr. Grant Hellwarth
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hembrough
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Henry
Mr. Paul Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herning
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hildebrand
Mr. James Hilgenbrink and
Ms. Therese Colby
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman
Darrell and Cheryl Holmes
Rick Hootman
Mrs. Nancy Hotchkiss
Huizenga Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Humphreys
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Irwin
Mr. Robert Jacobs and
Ms. Jennifer Jellings
Carl and Shay Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Jaros
Joseph and Virginia Jendrzejczyk
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jensen
Ms. Patricia Johnson and
Ms. Katie Sipos
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O. Johnson
Karen and Roger Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jordahl
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kane
Rose and Kapoun
Mr. and Mrs. Jozef Kavuliak
Ms. Catherine King and Mr. John King
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. King
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Koerner
Mr. and Mrs. James Kosmach
Dr. Raymond P. Kotz and
Dr. Jacqueline A. Vernot
Martin J. and Susan B. Kozak Fund
at The Chicago Community Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kubacki
Ms. Karen Kurek
Emerson and Martha Lacey
Walter and Mary Langbein
Mrs. Joanne Lazar
Mr. and Mrs. Tsung-Shung Lee
Ms. Celia Liang and Mr. James Pirzyk
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lichtenheld
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lichtenheld
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Malloy
Ms. Geri Matiasek and
Ms. Jennifer Matiasek
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Maurer
Mrs. Olive McCarthy
The McWethy Foundation
Ms. Jill L. Meinzer
Mr. Daniel Meyer and
Ms. Mary Jean Kraybill
Mark and Elizabeth Milz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. David Mueller
Ms. Mary Alice Mumford
Dr. Linda Munson and
Ms. Maureen Cavanagh
JoAnn W. Murphy

Mr. Eric D. Nickla
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr.
Elizabeth Ocon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O'Day
Carol and Otto Osterland
Sarah Packard
Raymond and Esther Paice
Mr. Jerome Palmer and
Mrs. Petra Hentzel
Florence and Joseph Palumbo-Zilka
Ms. J. Para and Mr. Bob Para
Carolann K. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Giedrius E. Pencyla
Ms. Lisa Perkins and Mr. David Bartz
Ms. Linda J. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Kell Reimann
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Reishus
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roknich
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Romano
Joe and Kathy Rubis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sampson
Bruce and Martha Sanders
Mr. Richard G. Sanders, Jr.
Mrs. Rasa Sarauskas
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sarovich
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scalf
Eric and Susan Schaal
Fred and Maria Schaffer
Mr. Thomas Schatzeder
Mr. Ronald Schubel and
Mrs. Jennifer Fliegel
Junie and Dorothy Sinson
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sintes
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sisco
Ms. Jeanette Skul
Ms. Laurie Solomon and
Mr. James Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Souders
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Spinelli
Mr. William Sterba
Dr. Bob Stone
Nick and Linda Stoynoff
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stratton
Mr. Ian Sutherland and
Ms. Nicole Clifton
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Swords
Mr. John Szymkowicz and
Ms. Lisa Kralina
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Theys
Dr. Jeffrey Tilkin, M.D.
Sally L. Trekell
Cindy Trennert-Lukens
Mr. Tom Tyler and Mr. Chris Bobowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tyrrell
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Walker
Lyman and Deana Welch
Mr. and Mrs. William Werth
Mr. Brad Wise
Mrs. Rosemary Macko-Wisnosky and
Mr. Dennis Wisnosky
Bruce and Pamela Wolfe
Nancy M. and Douglas M. Yeager
Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Young
Mr. Tony J. Zalewski
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zamirowski
Mark E. Zampardo, Ph.D.
Mr. Rich Zappen and
Ms. Sherri Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Zeitler
Bill and Sue Zumstein

$250 – $499

Ms. Patricia Abinion
Mrs. Bernadette Adis
Mr. and Mrs. Don Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Allemand
Mr. Alan Allphin and Ms. Carole King
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Anderson
Mr. Thomas W. Andrews
Patricia Arend
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Arey
Mrs. Dana Ashley and
Mrs. Lois Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Attal
Richard and Christine Babb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baird
Cynthia E. Baker
E. M. Bakwin
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Balbus
Ms. Jennifer Barlean and
Mr. Joel Weber
Eileen Barrett and Rik Homstad
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bastian
Mr. and Mrs. David Bates
Ms. Samara Beachdell and
Mr. Max Chaidez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker
Mr. and Mrs. David Beering
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Bell
Mr. and Mrs. John Bell
Mr. Douglas Bella and Mr. David Hunt
Mr. Jeremy Bengtson and
Mr. Ryan Carmack
Mrs. Terese Bergmann Shepley and
Mr. John Shepley
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Beringer
Mr. and Mrs. William Bermann
Mr. Alan Bernardoni
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Berrios
Mr. and Ms. Chad Beste
Ms. Michelle Bigelbach
Mr. and Mrs. William Bila
Mrs. Kathleen Binnig
Ms. Tania Birch and Ms. Sarah Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Black
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blankshain
Mr. and Mrs. William Bockelman
Mr. and Mrs. John Bockrath
Mrs. Trina Bockus
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boone
Mr. Eric Borncamp and Ms. Jenny Tan
Ms. Kathy Bosco and
Mr. Andrew Forsman
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Bounds
Ms. Lynette Bowden and
Mr. Doug Markey
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bradley
Todd and Camille Brainerd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Breen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Briscoe
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bromagen
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Don Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. William Buckley
Ms. Jane Susan Bunnell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Burk
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burkey
Mr. Franz Burnier
Mr. and Mrs. John Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlson
Ms. Donna M. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Carrus
Dr. Suzanne Case and Mrs. Betty Case
Ms. Kimberly Casto
Ms. Elizabeth Celio and
Mr. Candelario Celio
Ms. Catherine Chapman
Bonnie and Donald Chauncey
Ms. Kerry Chitkowski and
Mr. John Chitkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cinkus
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark
Dr. Joseph Clark and
Mrs. Ann Lau Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Click
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cloghessy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clucas
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cmunt
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Coldiron
Mr. and Mrs. John Coletta
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Colgan
Mrs. Kara Comer and
Mrs. Mia Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Conte
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Corliss
LeeAnn and David Cosper
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cox
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cox
Ms. Deborah Creticos and
Mr. Peter Creticos
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. William Cruikshank
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dabisch
Kathi D'Amico
Mrs. Lynne Danekas and
Mr. Fred Hutson
Dr. and Mrs. Tapas Das Gupta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dehm
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Del Bene
Mr. Michael Delafchell
Dr. Lane Dennis and
Mrs. Ebeth Dennis
Ms. Katie DeSotell
Mr. and Mrs. Warren DeWolfe
Jeremy and Teri Dhein
Mr. and Mrs. Om Dhingra
Mark and Robin Di Iorio
Mrs. Chris Dibartelo and
Ms. Nikki Alessi
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Dickinson
Ms. Marianne Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Victor DiVietro
Mrs. Rachel Dobrotin and
Mr. Jack Melim
Miss Abbigayle Doerr and
Ms. Jennifer Long
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dominiak
Mr. Edward T. Doris
Nancy and Dwight Dowdell
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dowden
Ms. Kathleen Doyle
Ms. Nan M. Drummond
Mrs. Susan Ducar
Darrell and Rosanna Duchon
Ms. Pamela Dumke Hedges and
Mr. Darryl Hedges
Mr. and Ms. Robert R. Duncan
Mr. Chad Dunham and
Ms. Melissa Musec
Mr. Sherman Dunnam
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Durkin
Ms. Christine DuSell and
Ms. Carole DuSell
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Eaton
Ms. Marilyn Eder and Ms. Karen Eder
Deborah and Thomas Egan
Ms. Jeanne Elkins
Dr. and Mrs. Houssam Elmoursi
Philip and Marilyn Elvert
Robert and Curlie Engdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne E. Ennis
Mr. and Mrs. James Evans
Lori and Bob Everett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ewell
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Failor
Kathryn and George Fairbairn
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fanning
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Favoriti
Ms. Julie A. Federico and
Mr. Jay Mitchell
Ms. Barbara Fedor and
Mrs. Carol Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fellowes
Ms. Rita A. Filiaggi and
Ms. Rita M. Filiaggi
Mr. and Mrs. David Findling
Mr. Chip Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ford
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Fowler
Ms. Kaye Freedom and
Mr. Thomas Freedom
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fuerst
Warren and Nancy Furey
Mr. Tim Gamble and
Mrs. Sally Wilson-Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. John Gann
Dr. and Mr. Garnett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Garrow
Ms. Arlene Gates and
Ms. Cailee Gates
Ms. Kathleen Gerhardstein and
Mr. Mike Gerhardstein
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Geyer
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Ghikas
Mrs. Jennifer Giandonato-Hilton and
Mr. Douglas Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Given
Dr. Ira Goldberg, Ph.D. and
Ms. Donna Lingle
Mr. Mark Goodman and
Mrs. Janet Dewitt-Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gorski
Michael and Nancy Gorski
Mrs. Doris Kathryn Gott and
Ms. Beth Piccininni
Ms. Deborah Gracey and
Mr. Nick Gracey
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Grau
Ms. Rita Gravel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grebner
Ms. Aldona Green
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Green
Richard K. Green
Mrs. Catherine A. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grossestreuer
Dr. and Mrs. Rolf Gunnar
Mrs. Varsha Gursahani

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hahn
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Benjamin Hall
Ms. Elizabeth Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hardek
Ms. Wendy Harper and
Ms. Janet Heep
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrell
Mr. Michael Hartigan, Jr. and
Mrs. Aray Wallace Hartigan
Mr. Daryl Hartman
Mrs. Dawn Head and Ms. Rachel Head
Ms. Lynne Heizer and
Ms. Karen Heizer
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Helton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Henderson
Ms. Kimberly Henriksen
Mr. and Mrs. Rolando B. Henriquez
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Herman
Mr. and Mrs. William Heun
Robert and Ann Hildebrand
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hill
Mr. Allan Hins and
Ms. Marilyn Wilgocki
Mr. Daniel Hintz and Ms. Carrie Dolezal
Dr. William Honig
Mrs. Amy Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Horjus
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Horne
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Hulet
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hutchinson
Mary Kay and Steven Hyett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Iacullo
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Immelman
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson
Ms. Linda Jackson
Ms. Joycelyn Jaksa
Mr. and Mrs. James Jaltuch
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Janoski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jans
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mr. David Johnson-Wint
Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnston
Mr. Richard Johnston
Ms. Janet Jones and
Ms. Jamie Nelson
Ms. Marilyn Jones and
Mr. Raymond Jones
Dr. Phillip Jones and
Mrs. Jo Lavera Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Julien
Mr. Jerome Jung and
Ms. Myra Hipolito
Ms. Marcia Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Kamer
Ms. Betty Kauer and
Mr. Rodney Kauer
Mr. and Mrs. Rob W. Kegley
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Kook Kim
Mr. and Mrs. William Kindorf
Mr. Steve King and Mrs. Sherry Smoak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kladiva
David and Vickie Klick
Ms. Gail Kling and Mr. Earl Kling
Douglas and Catherine Knuth
Mr. Robert Koenig and
Mrs. Sara Reece-Koenig
Gerald A. & Karen A. Kolschowsky
Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Laura L. Kooy and
Mrs. Evelyn T. Kooy
Ms. Charlene Kornoski-DuVall and
Mrs. Samantha Kornoski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kosinski
Ms. Joan Kotas and Ms. Janet Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kou
Mr. and Mrs. Chris L. Kowalski
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kowles
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. John Kraybill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kreps
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Krillenberger
Mr. James Krueger and
Mr. Elliot Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kruzich
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Kuettner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuhrt
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kummer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kurtz
Mrs. Virginia Kutchik
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lauber
Arthur and Faith LaVelle
Mr. and Mrs. John Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Lea
Ms. Dena Lear-Seybold and
Mr. Russ Seybold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Leck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee
Ms. Leslie Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Lemke
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard LeRose
Mr. Graham Lewis and
Dr. Elizabeth Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Link
Mr. Chuck Lofgren and
Ms. Cindy Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lorsbach
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lowrie
Mr. David Macnak and
Miss Mary Macnak
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Madura
Ms. Mary Ann Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Maka
Ms. Debby Malnic
Dr. and Mrs. James Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Manetti
Ms. Kay Manning and
Mr. Dave Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Manning
Mr. and Mrs. John Mantooth
Mr. Anthony Marino and
Ms. Jessica Hansberger
Margaret Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Marco L. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. James Marvin
Mrs. Dorothy Mashek and
Ms. Laura Becker
James and Susan Matson
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Matthias
Ms. Sue Mattioli
Ms. Veronica Maxwell
Richard James McCann Foundation
Mr. Jake McCarthy and
Ms. Elizabeth Shaffer-McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCauley
Ms. Terrie McComb
Susan McCoy
Dr. Sarah-Kathryn McDonald and
Mr. Colm O'Muircheartaigh
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance McGann
Mr. Matt Mcgovern and
Ms. Michelle Hay
Mr. Paul McKay and
Ms. Deborah McKay
Mrs. Anita McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. David Meitz
Mr. and Mrs. James Melsa
Mr. James Metesh and
Mr. Joseph Cimfe
Ms. Anneliese Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Michalczyk
Rosemary and R. Milczarek
Ms. Jane E. Miller
Mr. Vernon Miller and
Ms. Kathryn Tecza
Ms. Catherine Milley and
Ms. Kristin Boemmel
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miulli
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mobley
Mr. Walter F. Moll
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Venkata Moparthi
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Moran
Ms. Judy Morgan
Gregg and Elizabeth Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Muelhausen
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Mukosey
Josh Muller and Kate Vincent
Mr. Stephen A. Murinka
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mutz
Ms. Sally Nagel and Mr. James Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nehls
Mr. Steven Nelson and
Mrs. Monica Dillon-Nelson
Ms. Monica Nemecek
Mr. and Mrs. Baraka A. Nevels
Mr. and Mrs. John Nevins
Mr. Michael Neyman and
Ms. Claudia Conti
Ms. Linda Nicholls
Ed Nickey
Ms. Melissa Nio and Mr. Joseph Nio
Gene and Kelly Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norbut
James and Barbara Norem
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Null
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connor
Dr. Karen O'Donnell
Robert Oexeman
Mr. and Mrs. James Oftedal
Ms. Judith O'Keefe
Paul and Elizabeth Olin
Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Olivares
Ms. Marie Olsofka
Mrs. Ruth Ott
Ms. Matie Ovalle and
Ms. Blanca Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Paradis
Mr. and Mrs. John Parkolap
Dr. Stefano Passerini and
Dr. Shannon Fitzgerald

Mrs. Laura Paul
Mr. Mark Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Payne
Mrs. Martha Pelletier
Mr. Joel Perlin and Ms. Daiva Micutaite
Mr. Mark Petersen and
Ms. Charlotte Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peterson
Mrs. Julie Peterson-Vacala and
Mr. Gregory Vacala
Mr. Martin Pfister and
Mrs. Maria Bradley
Mr. David Pham
Mr. Caleb Phelps and
Ms. Stephanie Smith
Ms. Amy Phillips and Mr. David Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pignotti
Ms. Bette Plass and Ms. Stacia Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Podgorski
Mrs. Anna Marie Poll and
Ms. Diana Graham
Mr. Mark Pool and Ms. Angela Pool
Mr. and Mrs. Kire Popov
Mr. and Mrs. George Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Poulos
James and Bonnie Pritchard
Mr. and Mrs. Don Prochot
Ms. Karen Pugliese
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pulver
Mr. and Mrs. William Raese
Dr. and Mrs. Feraz Rahman
Ms. Dee Raimondi and
Mr. Bob Raimondi
Mr. and Mrs. Don Raths
Dr. and Mrs. Albert W. Ray, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Refai
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Reidenbach
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Reinert
Mr. Mark S. Reiter
Mr. Mike Rich and Mrs. Donna Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Richman
Mr. Paul J. Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Riha
Mrs. Margo Rinella and
Ms. Gina Rinella
Mrs. Maureen Riordan
Larry Robish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rodeck
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Roehrs
Mr. and Mrs. William Romanelli
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Abram Ruiz
Peg and Tom Rurik
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Russell
Ms. Karen Rutz and Mrs. Gertrud Rutz
Ms. Kristin Sabatino
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Samuelson
Mr. Robert Sandford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Santay
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Santiago
Ms. Mary Sauber and
Ms. Susan Sauber
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sauriol
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Schade
Ms. Kathleen Schaeffer and
Ms. Christine Schaeffer Pettigrew
Mr. Patrick Schauer
Mr. and Mrs. William Schauert
Mr. Phil Scheel and Mr. Kurt Scheel
Thomas and Barbara Schnitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schroeder
Mr. Alan Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schweda
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Schwer
Mr. Michael Scukanec
Ms. Olivia Scully
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sedey
Mr. Molla Selassie and
Mrs. Gennet Bissate
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shahrokh
Ms. Marilyn Sheahan and
Ms. Jenny Sheahan
Mr. Patrick Sheren
Ms. Emily Sheren and
Mrs. Karen Sheren
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Short
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sidio
Mr. Ed Siegert and Ms. Ellen Siegert
Dr. Michelle Sims and Dr. Ernst Lisek
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Slupik
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
Ms. Kathy Smith and
Ms. Suzy Bainbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith
Mr. Paul Smolinski and
Ms. Kathleen Beary
Ms. Sheryl Snyder
Dr. Jacqueline Solfronk
Monica Solomon
Mr. David Sperl
Ms. Marlice Spiewak and
Ms. April Kanapilly
Harold Spinka
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sprague
Lyndi R. Sprietsma
Mrs. Cynthia Sproul and
Mrs. Jennifer Sproul
Ms. Karen Stachon and
Ms. Karen Pollitt
Mr. Matthew Stachowski and
Ms. Kimberly Booda
Ms. Laura Stahr
Ms. Sue Stealey
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sterba
Ms. Stacy Sternberg and
Ms. Kathryn Sternberg
Ms. Linda Sticklen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stoltz
Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Stout
Mr. Lawrence Strain
Mrs. Joanne Strauss and
Ms. Jennifer Hendricks
Ms. Jie Su and Mr. Jun Lu
Mr. and Mrs. George Sutherland
Mr. Eric Swanson and
Ms. Margaret Swanson
Ms. Cynthia L. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Swords
Mr. and Mrs. Oleh Sydor
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Szczygiel
Ms. Mari Takei and Mr. Yoshi Takei
Mrs. Kimberley Talcott and
Ms. Alison Talcott
Dr. and Mrs. T. Roger Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tenison
Mrs. Dottie Ternig and
Ms. Brenda Ternig
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thistlethwaite
Ms. Shelley Thompson and
Ms. Rebecca Schreiber
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tinkler
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tobin
Dr. and Mrs. Scott B. Toennessen
Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Toleikis
Mr. and Mrs. John Tomaras
Ms. Karen Toronyi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tracey
Mr. and Mrs. William Treasurer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tregenza
Mrs. Becky Triplett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Turek
Betty M. Van Dolah
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Van Someren
Ms. Cathy Vanko and Mr. Rick Vanko
Mrs. Susan L. Velichkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Vermoch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Veverka
Bonnie Vicha
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Viktora
Ms. JudyAnn Villa
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Vogelzang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vonderohe
Darrell Vydra
Ms. Deb Wach and Mr. Tim Mayo
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wadle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wainscott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wajda
Ms. Leitha Walling
Ms. Priya Warman Shah and
Mr. Nirodh Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Webb
Mrs. Julie Younglove-Webb and
Mr. Todd Webb
William and Sharon Wegmann
Mrs. Arlene Welninski and
Ms. Maggie Bragassi
Ms. Leah Welty and
Mr. Richard Assmus
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Werth
Ms. Susan West and
Mr. Robert Slayton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack White
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitnell
Mrs. Nancy Whittington
Dr. David Wilber and
Ms. Sandra Reynertson
Mr. Ralph D. Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Williams
Jan Williams
Mr. Dennis Williamson and
Ms. Margaret Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Windischman
Mrs. Reyne Wiseman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolfe
Mr. Raymond Wong and
Ms. Meredith Strombeck Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Yee
Ms. Marie Yeiser
Mr. Kenneth Youga
Ms. Patricia D. Youngren
Mr. James Zaluba
Mr. and Mrs. R. Zaniolo

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Employee Giving

Anonymous (5)
Stephanie Adams
Shanita Anderson
Patty Arend
Kris Bachtell
Sheila Bangs
Barbara Baron
Eileen Barrett
Jan Beck
William Begani
Grant Bell
Deirdre Bennett
Marsha L. Beste
Elizabeth Botts
Brenda M. Brocato
Kirsten A. Bronoski
Kelly Burns
Michael Butler
Dave A. Cascarano
Nicole Cavender
Jennifer Chidlow
Krista Childs
Nancy Ciesiel
Shannon Cleary
Nancy Cory-Saaf
Cindy Crosby
Kathi D'Amico
Katie Damato
Maureen DeJonghe
Victoria A. DeVylder
Gerard T. Donnelly
Anamari Dorgan
Carissa Dougherty
Nancy Dowdell
Kathleen Doyle
Jennifer Drew
Linda S. Edwards
Colleen E. Emrick
James S. Fawley
Syd Finley
Diana Fischer-Woods
Donna Fisher
Samantha Ford
Molly Freed
Bill Frerichs
Rachelle Frosch
Jacqueline Fucilla
Jacqueline Gammons

John Garrison
Maureen N. Garro
Megan M. Gensler
Mary-Claire Glasenhardt
Jennifer B. GoodSmith
Beth G. Graham
Richard Grunt
Charles Gutsmiedl
Elizabeth Halleck
David Hamilton
John Hansen
Jenelle Hardtke
Rita M. Hassert
Edward A. Hedborn
Deborah Heinze
Retta Hennessy
Mark S. Hochsprung
Glynnis Hokenson
Elizabeth F. Hunt
Susan L. Jacobson
Todd C. Jacobson
Dawn M. Janke
Karin Jaros
Sheila Jurss
Laura Kamedulski
Michelle Kinney
Kevin Kirk
Carla Klausler
Anne Klos
Natalie Knight
Lesley Kolaya
Jill Koski
Thomas Laskowski
Alma Lautenbacher
Jeanne Loehrke
Margaret Martin
Sue Mattioli
Marita Mervis
Cynthia Moran
Ted Mrozek
Jennifer A. Mukosey
Josh Muller
Mary Kay Mutz
Catherine Myers
Lynette Myers
Kelly Nolan
Laura Nudo
John O'Connor

Judith Olson
Annemarie O'Toole
Susan K. Paist
Kimberly Pappalardo
Susan Paris
Carolann Parker
Ronald Paul
Mary Pavia
Margaret Pelch
Nancy Peske
Larry Peterman
Caleb Phelps
Nancy J. Porte
Lillian Potter
John Puljung
Sai Ravichandran
Mike Rich
Kari Richardson
Therese Ripoli
Chuck Roberg
Susan Ross
Peg Rurik
Kristin Sabatino
Kent Schielke
Annah Schmidt
Lydia A. Scott
Venetia M. Simaytis
Graham Smith
Monica Solomon
Natalie Sord
Kathleen Spiess
Michael Sprague
Kerry Steele
Gina Steele
Joann Stehlik
Anne Stratton
Scott Swords
George Szewczyk
Stanley Szewczyk
Terri G. Thomalla
Elizabeth Vassolo
Susan Wagner
Jane Warfel
Joanne Wessel
Thomas Whalen
Meghan Wiesbrock
Barbara J. Zigterman
Cathy Zimmerman

Arborvitae Society

The Arborvitae Society recognizes individuals who
have included the Arboretum in their estate plans.

Anonymous (17)
Elisabeth* and John Bacon, Jr.
Anna Caroline Ball*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II
Celestia Boughner
Charles Bowling
Don and Mary Brown
Karen S. Brunke
Daniel Bures
Steven Canavis
Dorothy A. Carbon
Karla Christensen
Virginia F. Cook
David Coulter
Natalie Culley*
Dr. David Curd
Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly
Carole and Peter Doris
Robert and Lori Everett
Bonnie Everhart
Carl B. Fausey
Curtis B. Frank
Daniel and Charlotte Gallagher
Hendrica Ghali
Carol Giancola
Marion Giles
Mary Louise Gorno
Judith A. Grey

Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
Anne and Laurence Hall
Marilyn Halperin
William and Linda Hanley
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hendrickson
David and Betty Hess
Dan^ and Gloria Hollister
Nancy A. Huck
Patricia Hunt
Virginia and John A. Jones
Maritherese and Harry Kamer
Victoria Klimkiewicz
Janice Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Kupec
Dorothy Larsen
Phyllis Lauer
Sandra Lee
Nancy and Bryan Leonard
William and Diane McCoy
Mrs. Neil McKay
Cathy Meo
Rowena C. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. William Moore
William and Bonnie Mucha
R. Najacht
Augustine Neuert
Frank Orto
Martin and Sally Ozinga
Irma Parker

Henry B. Pearsall*
Suzy and Bob Peters
Dennis I. Prepejchal
Bryan Pugh
Ann and Bob Reiland
Kell and Barb Reimann
Sherry and Bob* Reum
Mr.^ and Mrs. Roy Ringo
Carol Jean Rogalski, Ph.D.
Al and June Rogers
Verie Sandborg
Fred and Maria Schaffer
Patrick Schauer
Hildegarde Schmidt
Lee S. Selander
LaVora E. Singleton and Lynn Dieter
Holly Lee Sipples
Hilary and Terrence Smith
Matthew D. Smith
Craig A. Summers
Sandra L. Swenson
Lori Trinche
Dee L. Van Leeuwen
Sharon M. West
Philip Wiederhold
Mary Glenn Wiley
Nancy Hamill Winter
Gary L. Wright
Mary Zell


Estate of Audrey Masters Anderson
Estate of Elizabeth Berberich
Estate of Shirley M. Evans
Estate of Lenore V. Filip

Estate of Helen Gray
Estate of Florence Hybl
Estate of Ruth M. Philbrook
Estate of Eugene Pomerance

Estate of John Sacher
Estate of Lorraine S. Vitous
Estate of Donald and Dorothy White

*Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee
^Indicates Deceased

2015 Tribute and Memorial

The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the donors who
chose to honor or recognize a friend or family member through a tribute
or memorial gift from January 1 through December 31, 2015.

$5,000 and above

Estate of Elizabeth Berberich
Duane Luse

Neil J. Maloney, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Uhlir

$1,500 – $4,999

Ms. Joy Clark and
Ms. Suzanne Haslwanter
Mr. John Cooper and
Ms. Sally Blackburn
Ms. Elizabeth Davidson
Mr. Ernie Dittmann
Carole and Peter Doris
Mrs. Tina Fanelli
Ann and John Grube
Mrs. Judy Helland
Ms. Carol Jackson and
Mr. David Jackson

Marti and Chuck Henning
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kosinski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kozurek
Mr. David Krych
Mr. John Meyer and
Ms. Catherine Meyer
Mrs. Mary Ann Minnec
Ms. Noreen Moore
The Northridge Group
Stephen and Ruth Pordes
Ms. Karen Schwenk
Ms. Melissa Shary

St. Luke Presbyterian Church
Downers Grove
Mrs. Beth Sullivan and Mr. Tom Bauer
Mr. Chuck Tomczak
Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker
Mrs. Christine Van Wandelen and
Dr. Christiaan Van Wandelen
Jamie Wright
Ms. S.J. Zinaveah

$500 – $1,499

B.A. Feller Company
Mr. Rahul Bajaj and Mrs. Michele Bajaj
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Barrett
Howard and Moira Buhse
Mr. Dominic Doherty
Carole and Peter Doris
Phillip and Gail S. Fu
Mrs. Judy Helland
Geraldine Holub, Ph.D.

Mrs. Shirley Klinge
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kosinski
Ms. Linda McCrea
Ms. Kathryn Munzer
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Orsula
Mr. John Poppe
Stephen and Ruth Pordes
Mr. Gil Prince and Ms. Connie Lilly

Dr. Kurt Raack and Ms. Janice Gildea
Mr. Jeffrey Rogers
Deb Sandquist
Mrs. Sharon Schmidt
Ms. Christine Small
Ms. Karen Steingraber and
Mr. John Durerow
Mrs. Jodi Tauber and
Ms. MaryBeth Dyer

$250 – $499

Mr. Kurt Aichler
Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush,
Dicianni & Krafthefer, P.C.
Aramark Corporation
Jeremy and Cabrina Attal
Ms. Maureen Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barz
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Bijon
Mr. Dan Bradley
Todd and Camille Brainerd
Mr. Peter Bramsen and
Mrs. Hannah Baker-Bramsen
Mrs. Jackie Bruns
Mr. Dan Buonamici
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Choquette
Mr. Kevin Coon
Ms. Sandra Czajka
Ms. Julie Dagnon and
Ms. Amy Dagnon
Nancy Foley
Mr. Donald Fredericks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Funke
David E. Good
Shirley Good
Ms. Debra Guptill
Ms. Deborah Hardaway

Mrs. Anne Hector and
Mr. Matt Hector
Mrs. Ann Hendricks
Miss Jill Heyser and
Mrs. Deborah Heyser
Ms. Elizabeth Hoskins
Mr. George Joch and
Ms. Carol Schmidt
Mr. Allan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kason
Ms. Kim Kerbis
Mr. and Mrs. David Kohlsaat
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Labbie
Dr. Anna Lam
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lorek
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Maaske
Ms. Christine Maliwanag
Mr. Michael Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Montella
Ms. Meghan Moran
Ms. Delia Morelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcahy
Ms. Yvonne Murphy and
Mr. Walter Wojcik
Mr. Robert Nielsen
Ms. Mary Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nork

Ms. Bernadine Pillar and
Mr. Edward Pillar
Mr. Richard Puntil
Doris Purdie
Mrs. Cathy Reid
Barbara and Andrea Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg
Ms. Barbara E. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Rozanski
Mrs. Jennifer Ryerson
Mr. Bill Samuels and
Ms. Min Tangtiang
Rebecca Saul
Ms. Kim Schmidt and
Mr. James Tatum
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schuman
LaVora E. Singleton and Lynn Dieter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Srebro
Ms. Virginia Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stockmal
Ms. and Mr. Sandi Swiss
Mr. and Mrs. John Tartaglione
Ms. Lynn Tooley
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trommels
University of Chicago,
Dept of Medicine
Mr. Edmund Wilson

Names of those honored and remembered are entered into our Tribute Book and kept in perpetuity in the Sterling Morton Library.

Corporations, Foundations & Government

The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the following
corporations, foundations, and government partners that made
financial contributions between January 1 and December 31, 2015.

$100,000 and above

BP America Inc.
Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
Institute of Museum and
Library Services

John D. and Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation
National Science Foundation
PowerShares QQQ

Tellabs Foundation
USDA Forest Service

$50,000 – $99,999

Charles and Monica McQuaid
Family Foundation
ComEd, an Exelon Company

Exelon Foundation
Gaylord and Dorothy
Donnelley Foundation

Molex Incorporated
U.S. Bank

$25,000 – $49,999

Allstate Insurance Company
Ball Horticultural Company
Bartlett Tree Experts

The Brinson Foundation
DuPage Medical Group

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (1)
Alfred Bersted Foundation
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
DuPage Foundation
Fernando S. Ereneta Legacy
Wealth Advisors Raymond James

Helen Brach Foundation
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Morton Salt
Nicor Gas
Northern Trust

Spraying Systems Co.
Tree Research & Education
Endowment Fund

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (1)
A. Marek Fine Jewelry
Amsted Industries
Chicago Wilderness Trust
Illinois Forestry Development Council

J. Frank Schmidt Family
Charitable Foundation
Jewell Events Catering
Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau
Nissan North America, Inc.
Presence Health

The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
SunCoke Energy
Syngenta Crop Protection
William J. Clancy Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Bank of America
Bioforest Technologies
BP Foundation, Inc.
Clif Bar & Company

Darwill, Inc.
DiMeo Schneider & Associates
Esser Hayes Insurance Group
Ice Miller LLP
Illinois Tool Works Foundation

International Paper
McCormick Foundation
Partners and Paws Veterinary Services
Pet Supplies Plus

2015 Designated Gifts

We are grateful to those donors who chose to support specific
program opportunities at The Morton Arboretum.


Anonymous (1)
Institute of Museum and
Library Services

Alan and Linde Katritzky Trust
Leslie Taylor

Science and Conservation

Anonymous (1)
Alliance for Community Trees
Barbara A. Anderson
Aurora University
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Baxter
Susan Baxter
Bioforest Technologies
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brenniman
Chicago Tax Club
Chicago Wilderness Trust
Terry Cichocki
Gaylord and Dorothy
Donnelley Foundation
Frederick Dearborn
Four Seasons Lawn Service and
Landscaping, Inc.
Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust
Charles Henning

Highland Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Hlinak
Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation
Illinois Department of
Natural Resources
Illinois Forestry Development Council
Indiana Department of
Natural Resources
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kamm
Martin J. and Susan B. Kozak Fund
at the Chicago Community Trust
Lake County Forest Preserves
Lynn Markowski-Smith
Gail Minkus
National Science Foundation
North Park Nature Center Wildones
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pearson

Purdue CES Education Fund
Albert J. and Susan E. Rot Foundation
Brian Salerno
J. Frank Schmidt Family
Charitable Foundation
The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
Janice Sommer
Syngenta Crop Protection
Tellabs Foundation
Tree Research & Education
Endowment Fund
Trust Company of Illinois
University of Wisconsin-Madison
USDA Animal and Plant Health
Inspection Services
USDA Forest Service


BP America Inc.
Helen Brach Foundation
The Brinson Foundation
DuPage Foundation
Exelon Foundation

International Paper
Molex Incorporated
Nicor Gas
SunCoke Energy

U.S. Bank
Wheaton Garden Club
Nancy M. and Douglas M. Yeager
Family Foundation


Allstate Insurance Company
The Alfred Bersted Foundation

William J. Clancy Foundation
Northern Trust

2015 In-Kind Donors

A. Marek Fine Jewelry
Bailey Nurseries
Bartlett Trees Experts
Boxed Water is Better, LLC
Len and Susan Cecala
Chicago Athlete Magazine
Stephen Cloutier
Carol Cummins

Dick Pond Athletics
Jon J. Duerr
Larry R. Elkin
Elizabeth Fitch
Ruth H. Ganchiff and James Ballowe
Carol Giancola
Mary Ann Hanley
Rita M. Hassert

Eleanor T. Holt
Alan and Linde Katritzky Trust
Sherry Krzyzanski
Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau
McHenry County Nursery Inc.
Heather Preston
Chuck Roberg
Margaret Stover


Year ended December 31, 2015
Retail services$8,336,204
Visitor Events2,946,324
Dividend and interest income, net5,153,279
Realized investment gains (losses)928,523

Total revenue and support34,098,950
Collections and Facilities8,316,906
Science and Conservation2,375,391
Public programs1,579,861
Retail services6,697,818
Visitor services3,254,545
Depreciation and amortization2,598,216
Contributed service

Total expenses35,262,205
Unrealized investment gains (losses)(15,832,681)
Pension actuarial changes303,887

Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets$(16,692,049)


Year ended December 31, 2015
Investments in marketable securities, at fair value225,534,038
Property and equipment, net36,938,828
Other assets669,165

Total assets$273,966,743
Accounts payable and other accrued liabilities$3,041,221
Accrued pension obligation3,325,086
Bonds payable42,000,000

Total liabilities$48,366,307
Temporarily restricted15,965,141
Permanently restricted3,241,737

Total net assets225,600,436

Total liabilities and net assets$273,966,743